5 movies by female filmmakers to watch this weekend

At this beginning of 2023 several movies made by women are exhibited in theaters in Mexico and the National Cinemathequeso our leading film critic, Jose Antonio Valdes Penarecommend a few to watch this weekend.

1. Haute Couture, by Sylvie Ohayon

It tells the story of a woman who lives “in terrible solitude, which tries to solve it with a very important job in the world of Parisian haute couture.”

“The film, in addition to having great visual moments, is the study of a lonely character who, through contact with a young woman, begins to resume, in many ways, his life.”

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

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2. Stop the Earth, by Kateryna Gornostai

The moviemade by a woman of Ukrainian origin, tells the story of a group of young women who deal with love, heartbreak, professional and school challenges.

“For the Mexican public it would be a very good option, especially to know the heartbeat, the pulse of the Ukrainian youth who are having a very bad time right now. The movie was shot a few months before the invasion.”

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

3. She Said, by Maria Schrader

The film tells us about one of the most important cases that made visible the Workplace Harassmentthe abuse of power and sexuality of a character from the world of cinema, at the center of hollywood: Harvey Weinstein.

“It is a film very much in the style of a journalistic thriller, in the style of ‘All the President’s Men’, which tells the story of the two New York Times journalists who began to carry out an international investigation to get the victims to speak up and denounce the abuses of Harvey Weinstein, not only for a matter of justice, but to be able to modify the rules made by men and so that this type of abuse is not repeated.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

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4. Noise, by Natalia Beristáin

The Mexican film tells the story of a woman who loses her daughter. The main role is played by Juliet Egurrola.

“Through the study of this character we are immersing ourselves in different bureaucratic and judicial hells and the hells of other women who begin to show solidarity with the protagonist. When nobody listens to you, what you have to do is noise, that’s why the film’s title”.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

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5. Alcarràs, by Carla Simón

The film is a winner golden bear of the Berlin Festival. It is spoken in Catalan and shows the portrait of a family that is dedicated to the harvest in a “very interesting” land in the Catalonia area.

“By a twist of fate, the family is about to be left with nothing. The film is starred by non-professional actors, by a family that ends up playing itself and narrates the issue of the displaced and the lifestyles and trades that are dying with modernity”.

Jose Antonio Valdes Pena.

5 movies by female filmmakers to watch this weekend