A show inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale at the Civic Theater of Busca

Sunday 22 January at 4.30 pm, at the Civic Theater of Busca, for the theatrical season “Stella Madre” organized by Santibriganti Teatro in the Civic Theaters of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, a show will be staged for the whole family: “The soldier of pond”.

A Nata Teatro and Stivalaccio Teatro production with the actor Giorgio Castagna, live music played by the actor-musician Lorenzo Bachini, both directed by Marco Zoppello.

A known story: he, a tin soldier without a leg and she, the splendid dancer of the music box; between them, a great feeling born on a house of cards, in a child’s playroom and to divide them, a lot of misadventures, including bad boys on the street, lots of water, a huge fish, mice and manhole covers.

It’s one of those stories that when they tell you, you never forget it, maybe because it’s about love, diversity, courage; deals with life, with its shadows and lights and its transformations, which happen because they just happen, without drama. Because nothing ends, but everything is transformed.

Director Zoppello’s proposal finds inspiration in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, implementing an adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, narrated with live music.

The Nata Teatro theater company feeds on all theatrical genres. Since its inception on 8 September 1988, it has been inspired by contemporary dramaturgy, the great classics and dance theater to stage shows for everyone, young and old.

Tickets available online at www.ticket.it or at the ticket office, opening one hour before the show.

Sunday 22 January at 4.30 pm at the Civic Theater of Busca

The Tin Soldier

With Giorgio Castagna and Lorenzo Bachini

Live music Lorenzo Bachini

Text and direction Marco Zoppello

Lights Emilio Bucci

Scenography Marco Zoppello

Production by Nata Teatro and Stivalaccio Teatro

The 2023 “Stella Madre” theater season of the Civic Theaters of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, organized by Santibriganti Teatro, was created with the support of the Municipalities of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, the CRC Foundation and the Piedmont Region.

In collaboration with Torino Fringe Festival, In-Box Verde, ARCI, Terres and Teatranza.

Santibriganti Teatro adheres to the Culture Emergency Committee.


Online at www.ticket.it and www.santibriganti.it

Evenings €12 + 10% transition fees

Sunday Afternoon €6 + 10% transition fee

In Cassa (opening one hour before the show)

Full €15 – Reduced €12 – Extra reduced €8 – Sunday afternoon: €8

School matinees €7


As you want me 10 (10 entries) €100

As you want me 5 (5 admissions) €55

– Booking (phone only):

Santibriganti Teatro – 011 645740 (Monday 10.30am / 4.30pm, Tuesday to Friday 2pm / 6pm)

Caraglio – Civic Library – 0171 617714

Busca – Civic Library – 0171 948621

Dronero – Valle Maira Tourist Office – 0171 917080

The Theater makes its rounds – Season 2023 “Stella Madre”

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The dates of the event: Civic Theatre, 4.30 pm

A show inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale at the Civic Theater of Busca – Cuneodice.it