Airport, port and security require coordinated work: Councilor Ospino

“It is evident that the advances of the city have placed it in a better place of development, but the events that we have learned about through media records are worrying, which force us to place on the table the need for articulated and urgent work of the National Government with the local one, we must recognize that alone we cannot”.

This was expressed by Councilor Juan Carlos Ospino when analyzing the strategic problems that require coordinated work in Barranquilla.

In his concept, there is uncertainty in the investor and in the common citizen, due to the issues that could generate financial panic; An example of this are aspects such as the Ernesto Cortissoz Airport“that regardless of who is right, it is time to review the negative impact on the city.”

Added to this is the port crisis, “which requires that in the National Development Plan, substantive solutions be glimpsed. The issue of security is no less worrying, where reality surpasses the cold statistics and it is no lie that the solutions exceed the institutional capacity of the local government and the police authorities; it would suffice to review extortion, homicides, micro-trafficking, thefts, not to mention the number of professional invaders that surround Barranquilla”.

To this he added the expectation that exists for the final decisions on the Triple AAA company, “Where prompt, correct decisions are required and with clear criteria to protect the general interest. Respectfully, it is necessary to place the well-being of citizens and the institutionality of the democratic State, above partisan political flags.

According to Juan Carlos Ospino, Barranquilla needs to be included with more investment in public school infrastructure, “where the local economic effort of the last ten years exceeds in figures and achievements what has been done in 80 years. Schoolchildren must be guaranteed (as the unions have rightly pointed out) school environments that offer quality education for all”.

In the same way, he pointed out that uncertainty lurks and it is a priority to open spaces for fluid dialogue between the National Government, headed by President Gustavo Petro, and the local government led by Mayor Jaime Pumarejo, “plus all the political forces and unions that, in addition, face the frustration of not seeing short-term solutions to the issue of energy rates. All without exception must make an effort to generate communication channels and hopefully, there will be receptive ears because the city deserves better recognition, correcting what it deserves, but not stopping social progress”.

For this, it summoned the political parties, social actors, unions, national and local government, to act with more articulation and responsibility “in order to change the photograph that we have described”.

“From the District Council we are ready to contribute the best of contests to enable spaces for dialogue and effective dialogue, recognizing that First is Barranquilla”, pointed out.

Airport, port and security require coordinated work: Councilor Ospino