Barbara de Regil. Staff hallucinated her in Cabo: Luis Magaña

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Barbara de Regil announced that a few days ago he finished the recordings of the telenovela in which he starred on Televisa, ‘Cape’. According to statements by the journalist Luis Magaña, the participation of the actress left a bad taste in the mouth among her colleagues.

Luis Magaña counted in the program ‘From History to History’that Bárbara de Regil had some problems with his companions because of his behaviorso the last day of recording of the model and actress went without ‘pain nor glory’

Luis Magana assured that no one from the production, nor his fellow actors, they would miss Barbara after the end of recordings due to his behavior during the time I worked in the production of Televisa.

“It must be very down, make a stellar character, a protagonist in a company in which you dreamed of working all your life and that when it ends, there is no one who says ‘oh what a pity, I’m going to miss you’, no one”,

Likewise, Magaña explained that was in contact with the people of the staff who worked on the telenovela ‘Cabo’ and when asked How did they do on the soap opera? they claimed it was a headache work with Bárbara de Regil and they assured that she was a woman rude and unpleasant.

“I had to do a special participation in a program, and it was in the same place and with the same staff that worked on ‘Cabo’, because the soap opera was finished, so it was my turn in that forum and I was very impressed because I told them ‘how did it go?’, I’ve known them all my life, and they all said ‘what a headache, what a nasty woman, so rude,'” the journalist narrated.

Cancel event at UAMex

Barbara de Regilwould teach a motivational cardio class organized by the UAEMex Foundation (Autonomous University of the State of Mexico) however, the event was canceledaccording to He made it known through his social networks.

University students reacted to the ad made by the Foundation and they were pleased before said cancellation since, according to them, considered an unnecessary expense contractto the actress for said motivational class and they made it known in the publication of the foundation.

The Bárbara de Regil event would take place on February 12 | SPECIAL

The event of Barbara de Regil It was scheduled for Sunday, February 12 and would take place at the stadium University Alberto ‘Chivo’ Córdoba and it had a cost that went between the 600 and the 1500 pesos. However, after the cancellation, the UAEMex Foundation announced that will be replaced by sports activities next January 29.

It is worth mentioning that days before the cancellation is announced of the Barbara de Regil event several students and university groups They asked that it not be carried out since the actress and influencer has been pointed out as a racist and classist person for the students.

The comments in the statement where they announce the cancellation of the master class soap opera actress ‘Cape’ applauded the decision of the school authorities.

“What a shame, not even how can the university fix it by insulting knowledge”; “Okay, thanks for taking care of the complaint. Now to put our professionals on high”; “Shame is no longer removed by anyone”; “Who was the genius who came up with the idea of ​​hiring Bárbara de Regil? They should fire him”; “Anyway, they already burned us, thanks #uaemex”; are some of the hundreds of comments left by users.


Barbara de Regil. Staff hallucinated her in Cabo: Luis Magaña