Benjamin Gaignault launches Skarlett for ‘young people over 60’

Don’t talk to him about seniors “, but rather of” young people over 60 years old “. “Senior is a hyperpejorative term. We are aimed at people full of projects, connected and who pay attention to their health”, slips Benjamin Gaignault, co-founder of the new start-up Skarlett.

This seasoned entrepreneur and experienced in communication has long managed the nugget of Next40 Ornikar (driving school) before hand over at the end of 2022 . “I had planned a few months of break,” he smiles. But the natural quickly returned to the gallop.

It must be said that the current situation is favorable to it: it is in full pension reform that the entrepreneur has decided to unveil his new project “for the purchasing power” of older people, namely a platform that will help them take advantage of their real estate assets.

“More than 70% of retirees are homeowners. They are rich in real estate capital but this wealth is often blocked in their house or apartment. We will allow them to make this savings liquid, ”explains Townley Le Guenedal, who takes on the role of CEO of the start-up.

Health insurance at the end of 2023

To do this, it will offer them suitable solutions such as sales of bare ownership or mortgage life loans (loan that allows you to borrow a sum by putting your home as collateral). Highly regulated and supervised mechanisms in France, which is reminiscent of the origins of Ornikar, a start-up which tackled the driving school market in France.

In the fourth quarter of this year, the start-up, which has a status as a broker, also plans to distribute its first insurance products. “It is a poorly addressed population. L’idea is to develop products specific to their needs and above all at a fair price. Some actors have got into the habit of selling as expensive as possible to this generation, ”says the boss.

To make itself known, the start-up relies on acquisition on social networks (Facebook), television and local partners such as real estate agencies, notaries or banks, with whom it will share a commission. But also on the three experienced profiles at the head of the start-up.

Ex-Ornikar and Homeloop

Benjamin Gaignault surrounded himself with Townley Le Guenedal, a health entrepreneur, and Aurelien Gouttefardeco-founder of Homeloop a proptech acquired by the Benedict Immobilier group in October 2022, following its placement in receivership a few months earlier.

The founders are looking to raise “a few million” to get started, a process that should be made easier for these entrepreneurs with the profile of repeat offenders who often appeal to investors.

Ultimately, the start-up aims to to diversify more and more of its services, with travel or entertainment solutions. “Offers that simply allow you to enjoy life,” continues Benjamin Gaignault, who approaches Skarlett with a new philosophy.

Unlike Ornikar, long modeled on a growth-at-all-costs model, Skarlett positions itself with the times. Namely: more moderate and profitable growth. “Real estate and insurance provide significant margins,” comments the entrepreneur. With, at the end of the road, he hopes, the profitability.

Benjamin Gaignault launches Skarlett for ‘young people over 60’