Boyacá Secretary of Education announces the guidelines of the School Meals Program for 2023

These are guidelines formulated in accordance with the parameters of the Special Administrative Unit for School Feeding -Food for Learning-.

Tunja, February 2, 2023. (UACP). For the knowledge of the general public and the actors of the Food Program in Boyacá, the Secretary of Education of the department released Circular No. 4 addressed to rectors, teachers and the educational community in general on a series of preliminary guidelines for the execution of the 2023 School Feeding Program.

These are the relevant aspects described in the Technical, Administrative and Financial Guidelines of Resolution 00335 of December 2021 issued by the Special Administrative Unit for School Feeding – Food for Learning (UApA) entity attached to the Ministry of National Education -MEN and general guidelines that the Educational Institutions, which must take into account for the adequate execution of the program, in attention to the competences described in said resolution and that correspond to:

  • Deliver in a timely manner to the program operator, the inventory and status of equipment and utensils that each school restaurant has.
  • Promote that teachers actively participate in the care of pedagogical rest spaces and care in school feeding, as training activities for students within the educational establishment, the foregoing in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 003842 of March 18, 2022 .
  • Coordinate that the entrance to the school restaurant is carried out in an orderly manner and by school grades, taking into account the serving hours established in Resolution 00335 of 2021 issued by the UAPA.
  • Register, update and validate in the SIMAT the beneficiaries who agreed to receive the food supplement offered by the program, taking into account the timely marking in the school feeding permanence strategy.
  • Students who do not wish to receive the food supplement must submit a withdrawal to the rector, in writing, duly signed and authorized by the parents throughout the term, so that the rectors target students interested in being beneficiaries of the program.
  • Timely supply the program operator with the lists of beneficiaries, according to the lunch-type supplement and/or AM/PM supplement, and inform at least 8 days in advance of the news that arises in the event of withdrawals or eventualities.
  • Certify through the formats established by the PAE, the rations effectively delivered by each of the supplements assigned according to the agreement to the beneficiaries of each of the Official Educational Institutions of the Department.
  • Form the School Feeding Committee – CAE in your educational establishment, sending a copy of said formation to the PAE Team, in addition to calling periodic meetings (every 2 months) inviting program officials when required.
  • Support activities related to healthy lifestyles and other campaigns generated by the PAE team or other entities.
  • Socialize and facilitate the linkage of the educational community in spaces for citizen participation and social control.
  • Raise awareness among parents and students about healthy lifestyles, emphasizing that the food supplement provided by the program provides 30% of the total caloric value in the Ration Prepared on Site – RPS modality, 20% in the AM- modalities PM and Industrialized Ration – RI and that 70% will be supplied at home by parents.
  • Manage with the territorial entities the continuous improvement of the infrastructure conditions of the application units of the different educational centers.

SERVICE CHANNELS: It is recalled that the service channels for the presentation of congratulations, requests, disagreements, complaints or claims, can be done through the following means:

E-mail: Citizen Service System of the Boyacá Secretary of Education Or on our social networks Facebook: @PAlimentarioBoyaca Twitter: @PAlimentarioBoy

The foregoing reiterates the commitment of our Governor of Boyacá, Ramiro Barragán Adame; Ofelia Niño Paipa, Secretary of Education, Edilson Niño, Technical Deputy Director of the Program, mayors of the Department of Boyacá and rectors of educational institutions with the students of the Department, providing school meals for this term 2023, under clear guidelines that guarantee the required conditions for the supply of a food supplement that does not put the health and integrity of students at risk, that strengthens their access, permanence and promotion of healthy habits in official educational institutions. (End – Juan Diego Rodríguez Pardo-UACP).

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Boyacá Secretary of Education announces the guidelines of the School Meals Program for 2023 – Gobernación de Boyacá