Christophe haunted by Johanna, ready to kill him like Ziggy

Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 5 in advance episode 1061 of Monday January 9, 2023 on France 2 with Christophe obsessed with Ziggy, he skips the wedding.

Johanna in Christophe’s nightmare

The complete recap of soap opera Un si Grand soleil from 01/09/2023 with all the spoilers and preview photos of today’s episode 1061.

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 1061 broadcast on France 2 on Monday January 9, 2023 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episode 1060 is online. offers you the summary to read below:

Christophe has a nightmare where Johanna pricks him instead of Ziggy to prevent him from doing harm. He then leaves near the swimming pool to zap.

Christophe tells Cécile that he forgot to tell Achille about the fact that he was distant. Christophe says he has other concerns with the Ziggy case. Cécile says that adoption should be her priority…she doesn’t understand why this dog is so important.

Léonor drops Louis off at school, he is stressed to see Lilie again. She thinks it will subside over time. For Léonor, it’s the first day at L.Cosmétiques.

Arthur sent an email to Elisabeth, he told her that he decided to stay longer with his father. Elisabeth thinks Arthur is screwing up his studies. Elisabeth is worried, Arthur’s return date is very vague.

christopher such a big sun

Christophe very invested in Ziggy, he absolutely wants to save him

Louis offers Kira to pair up for the presentation on international trade. Kira refuses, she says it’ll work out. Thaïs thinks Kira is tough on him.

Laurent introduces Léonor to the various employees but also to Enric the staff representative. A little crush seems to be emerging between Leonor and Enric.

Laplace wants Raphaëlle to confess, Manu says there is no training equipment found at her home. Manu thinks this woman doesn’t have the profile to kill Hervé Rostand…she’s clueless and impulsive.
Laplace prolongs police custody and sets up a reconstitution tomorrow…he thinks that will facilitate confessions.

Elisabeth such a big sun

Elisabeth is worried about Arthur who does not want to return to Montpellier

Elisabeth puts pressure on Léonor, she tells him that it is at the end of the trial period that she will decide if he is suitable for this job.
Laurent reassures Léonor, Elisabeth is always brittle. The introductions were not warm…Enric says that Elisabeth is a dragon but she knows how to recognize the good elements.

Cécile tells Margot that she finds Christophe tense and absent…he’s just preoccupied with work. Cécile wonders if Christophe is not running away…because of the marriage, the adoption…
Cécile has decided to talk to Achille herself because she needs things to work out.

Léonor such a big sun

Léonor is worried about the behavior of Elisabeth who does not like her

Christophe thinks the replenishment is too soon, he needs more time. It might undo all the effort he’s made with deconditioning.

Such a big sun in advance episode 1061 of January 9, 2023: Louis wants to get closer to Kira

Kira tells Louis that she doesn’t want to be a spare wheel: Louis tells Kira that he was the one who left Lilie and not for any reason.

Ludo invited Akim to the roommate for an aperitif with Bilal…to introduce Margot. Akim thanks Ludo for the invitation, he tells him that next time Noémie will probably come.

Louis such a big sun

Louis tries to work things out with Kira

Cécile offers Achille a restaurant, she gives him the rings: she explains to him that she and Christophe would like him to bring them to the ceremony. Achilles agrees.
Cecile asks Achille if there is something wrong with her. Cécile explains to him that she doesn’t want to replace her mother…Achille tells her that she is irreplaceable. Achille goes on a bike saying to her “You will never be my mother”.

Akim such a big sun

Akim and Ludo reconciled?

Highlights Un si grand soleil of January 9, 2023: what to remember

Cécile such a big sun

The discussion goes wrong between Achille and Cécile

– Ludo introduces Margot to Bilal and Akim
– Cécile decides to talk to Achille and things go wrong
– Louis attempts a clarification with Kira
– Christophe is afraid of the reenactment, Ziggy is not ready
– Elisabeth took Léonor in the crosshairs
– Arthur decides to extend his stay with Julien

To be continued on the complete summary Such a great sun episode 1062 from Tuesday January 10, 2023 on France 2.

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Christophe haunted by Johanna, ready to kill him like Ziggy – Un si grand soleil January 9, 2023 (episode 1061)