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Classiq delivers its quantum computing predictions for the year 2023

The computer world is about to experience a real upheaval, we are at the bend of a major step. Quantum computing is fast approaching, and promises to revolutionize all industries. While waiting for its arrival, the giants of the sector are getting ready: significant investments, development of quantum software, dedicated training… what does the year 2023 have in store for us in the quantum field?

A race for quantum sovereignty by states…

In 2022, the American bill CHIPS and Science Act, and its European counterpart, – the European Chips Act – hit the headlines: they aimed to respond to the shortage of chips, and to ensure the competitiveness of the West against to the rest of the world. Logically, the next step would be to look at quantum computing. Neither the United States nor Europe wishes to be overtaken.

More government funds will be devoted to the development of quantum programs in 2023. Quantum computers, funded by public authorities, will help advance quantum initiatives, both in academia and in industry.

… but also by the major players in the sector

“This year, quantum computing is expected to be studied with great interest in supercomputing,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO and co-founder of Classiq. “The availability of quantum computers, with greater capacity and better error correction function, together with the evolution of quantum software, will enable the design of a hybrid computing world, which merges supercomputing and quantum technology. »

Mergers and acquisitions will increase in quantum computing in 2023 as these technologies mature. These consolidations will lead to the emergence of a few leaders in key areas of this technology, such as error correction and software development. Market giants such as Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are in the process of taking over certain companies. At the same time, many quantum solution providers will seek to build strong partnerships to strengthen their position. Creating a chain of partnerships across the entire quantum stack then seems very logical.

Software, training and qualified profiles: other elements to bet on

“The quantum computing industry today consists of a wide range of different technologies,” Nir said. “Recent initiatives to create standards for both hardware and software, so that everyone can work in a similar way, clearly indicate the maturity of the quantum space. »

It’s time to invest in quantum computing. However, a $15 million quantum computer is still far too expensive for most businesses. Thus, for most of them leading quantum computing projects, it will be necessary to use services like Amazon Braket rather than to obtain supercomputers. This approach will allow users to gain quantum knowledge and position themselves for competitive advantage without committing to a large hardware investment. Which is very useful, because the quantum hardware of tomorrow will be twice as efficient.

Quantum computing is an essential emerging technology that will make possible what was once unachievable. But to get a real advantage, companies need to have the right profiles. Quantum is already embedded in some university curricula and from this year we will see a growing desire to initiate this knowledge at a much earlier age. Schools could in this perspective teach the youngest the basic quantum concepts. So when students later study quantum math, they won’t be confused. It can be difficult and complex to understand these notions. However, if you begin to be aware of it from primary school, it will be easier to find your way around. “We gradually acquire knowledge in chemistry and mathematics, and the courses deepen over the years. The same goes for quantum computing: start small and grow from there,” concludes Nir Minerbi.

Classiq delivers its quantum computing predictions for the year 2023 – Global Security Mag Online