CONFUSAM Calls its bases to mobilize and announces a national strike

This collaborative action is part of the project “Intercultural artistic workshops: Intertwining Latin American cultures in school communities”, which developed activities in pre-school, basic and secondary education establishments in Copiapó

A space full of life, color and with a message of inclusion and interculturality, is what was captured on one of the walls of the Juan Pablo II Kindergarten, Junji, in the company and coordination of the project “Intercultural Art Workshops: Intertwining Latin American cultures in the school communities” who made a collaborative mural.

This initiative was carried out thanks to financing from the Migrant Inclusion Fund 2022 of the National Migration Service of the Government of Chile and is led by the Agrupación Cantantes Líricos de Atacama, in order to deliver new tools to the community through cultural initiatives that were carried out in nursery, basic and secondary education establishments in Copiapó.

Verónica Pizarro, director of the project, mentioned that the initiative responds to the fact that “the arts and their teaching in the educational system are a tool and an ideal space for the promotion and development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that evoke new forms and meanings for children and adolescents. around diversity. Competences such as reflexivity, creativity or the willingness to cultural change tell us about capacities that can be raised through dialogue, collaborative and creative work between teachers, educators and students”.

In addition to this, he explained that the Atacama Lyrical Singers Association and the Juan Pablo II Garden of Copiapó have carried out joint actions since 2019. “This year the third project linked to interculturality in the search through Education was completed. Artistic, to contribute to curricular innovation in intercultural matters, articulating interventions and/or educational projects from multiple artistic languages ​​to raise awareness and strengthen empathy and intercultural respect. The artistic intervention considered painting a mural inside the kindergarten with the collaboration of the entire educational community, and whose theme would express interculturality through its design.

For her part, Carla Carvajal Cerda, director of the Juan Pablo II Kindergarten in Copiapó, thanked the Agrupación Cantantes Líricos for its efforts and the support of the Chilean Government’s National Migration Service in creating this mural and added that “this collaborative work It has been quite significant, since it has linked the entire community, families and members and local actors in this to develop this mural that is relevant to the educational community and highlights interculturality as a wealth that we have in our Juan Pablo Garden II. In addition, this collaborative framework is essential for the development of activities, creativity and art that are essential for the development of skills, emphasizing play and creativity”.

In this way, the mural also closes the project, which also included the publication of the book “Letras de Latinoamérica Entrezadas desde el Corazón: Antología Escolares de Atacama” which was written by the students in the workshops carried out at the Isabel Peña School. Morales and the Liceo José Antonio Carvajal de Copiapó and the exhibition of creative paintings from the workshops at the Isabel Peña Morales School, in this way, the three initiatives are a faithful reflection of the interest of the Agrupación Cantantes Líricos in carrying out inclusive projects that be a sample of intercultural present in the Atacama Region.

CONFUSAM Calls its bases to mobilize and announces a national strike