During his vows, the mayor of Mesnières

The inhabitants came in large numbers to listen to the wishes of the mayor, Dany Minel. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

The last wishes of the mayor dating back to January 2020, Dany Minel traced the events of the last 3 years to Mesnieres-en-Bray (Seine-Maritime) during the ceremony organized on Sunday 8 January.

And also to plan for the months to come.

Upcoming projects

For the year 2023, work is already scheduled such as the replacement of all public lighting in LEDs and the burial of networks. The first part will concern the hamlet of Autrecourt.

Renovation of the auditorium is planned. A budget has been voted for the tourist development of the village.

A friendly moment.
A friendly moment. (©Le Réveil)

Projects that matter to you

The micro-nursery project which could not see the light of day last year will be relaunched.

On March 1, the inauguration of the concentrated educational grouping (RPC) will take place in Mesnières-en-Bray with the schools of Bures-en-Bray and Osmoy-Saint-Valery. This structure reflects the challenges of the rural school of tomorrow.

It currently accommodates 140 students. But the decline in the number of births must lead elected officials to rethink the reception and education of our children.

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The meetings of 2023

In January, a population census will be carried out. A new exhibition in the village will mark the start of the tourist season in April. On May 1, the banquet for seniors will revive the tradition. On May 14, the festival of flowers and nature will be held. On July 14, fireworks and a Republican banquet will brighten up the village. Also in July there will be hiking week (from 24 to 30). On September 10, a garage sale and the forum of associations will invade the streets.
At the end of October, the municipality will launch a new event by organizing a rural festival.

The biodiversity atlas will also be launched and will report its conclusions in 2025. The objective is to mobilize all the actors of the municipality, from the youngest to the oldest, but also associations, traders, etc.

This approach will allow the municipality to know, preserve and enhance a little more its natural heritage. Management recommendations will be formulated for the years to come.

Finally, a development linking the center of the village to the green avenue is envisaged as well as the creation of a green belt.

The works carried out

In 2020, the sports hall came into operation. It will never be inaugurated but has since been heavily used, among others by the Rollers en Bray. A photovoltaic unit is installed on its roof.

In 2021, developments in the cemetery were made with an extension of the columbarium. Several land acquisitions have come to complete the land of the municipality.

In 2022, the municipality purchased a new utility vehicle. Thermal insulation work on municipal buildings has been carried out. The RD1 has been fitted out for the safety of users with the installation of speed bumps.

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During his vows, the mayor of Mesnières-en-Bray turned to the future