Because living together and shared pleasure remain the DNA of Le Pradet!


“Because it is in the mayors’ DNA to take care of the families of their municipality, the municipal team, since 2020, has implemented major work in the crèche, which has made it possible to create additional places and above all to enhance their comfort. And, the media library obtained the “baby reader” label this year, thanks to the dynamism of the teams who manage this equipment. We are very lucky to have childminders and a very dynamic association “Des Nounous et des P’tits bouts” in our municipality. We help them with slots reserved for the sports center, the toy library, the media library and by supporting municipal services in their activities..

In reality, it is everyone in the associations who is supported each year, by subsidies, loans of rooms and equipment, the organization of the meal and the Forum of associations and by support in the promotion of their activities. After the nursery, an extension of reception capacities was made for the leisure center during school holidays, for children from 3 to 6 years old, by creating 32 additional reception places in the premises of the Pagnol school.


Moreover, for several years, the City has been committed to a virtuous approach, as shown by the conversion to LED of 92% of public lighting and the installation of astronomical clocks, regulating the intensity of lighting and reducing light pollution. With this investment, the City saved 70% of its expenses in this area. This environmental approach is naturally extended by the sanctuarisation of agricultural land, since the study and public inquiry into the Protected Agricultural Zone have been completed.

“It was developed with the Var Chamber of Agriculture. It will cover several hectares and will help to put an end to land pressure on agricultural land and will allow the installation of young farmers. New farmers are already installed or in the process of being installed, in the fields of market gardening and beekeeping »announced Hervé Stassinos.

At the same time, the City continued its program of energy renovation of municipal buildings, thanks to photovoltaic panels placed on the courtyard of the Sandro school: “They have started producing reused electricity. In addition, the Town Hall has undergone energy renovation work, and this is the case for each public building as we undertake work there”reported the first magistrate.


In addition, elected officials want to promote the development of soft transport: “It has not escaped anyone that the work on the cycle path between the heart of the city and the beach of the Garonne has progressed well. In the long term, this investment of two million € will allow secure sharing of public space between all users, whether pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, etc. Another cycle path, the one connecting the city center and the Pont de la Clue, redone on the occasion of the burial of the networks for an amount of 4.5 million €. Arches and boxes for parking bicycles have been installed and are still being deployed. Still in terms of respecting our resources, we decided very early on, at the beginning of July 2022, to close the beach showers, saving several hundred thousand m3 of water. In addition, municipal services are continuing to equip them with electric vehicles and we are strengthening the network of charging stations, the last of which has recently been installed near the Vigerie car park, rue Alphonse Laveran”.

In terms of the environment, the City carried out the planting of the first specimens planned as part of the ” 100 trees from the participatory budget.

It has signed the charter of the Southern Region, in favor of benches of Posidonia on the beaches, an important element in the preservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean and which makes it possible to fight against marine erosion. And, it launched the information campaign on the Legal Obligations of Bush Clearing. The rules are often little known to owners and yet the balance and preservation of our forests depend on our ability to prevent the risk of fire by maintaining sensitive areas. “, noted the mayor during his speech.

He added : “Because it’s never too early to be an actor in local life, the Municipal Children’s Council has been renewed and a new dynamic has been breathed into it. And, in order to take into account the needs of the population, we have signed, with the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales, a Global Territorial Agreement which aims to articulate the action of the actors of the territory around themes such as parenthood, intergenerational, the digital divide. We have reinforced the use of organic products and food purchases within the framework of short circuits for school catering. For the most athletic, of all generations, we have created the Pass Sport Ado and the Pass Sport Senior which allow you to follow supervised and varied sports activities throughout the year. For our seniors, we have launched studies to bring the Rai de Souléou autonomy residence up to standard and modernize it. Another crucial subject: We have installed a climbing rock in the Cravéro park. It is a project resulting from the participatory budget”.




The Pagnol school group, for reasons of both comfort and above all safety, must be rebuilt. 2022 made it possible to launch the markets and find an architect. The jury, made up of elected officials from the majority and the opposition, but also architects mandated by the State and by the Order of Architects, chose a project that fits into the residential district of Gravettes. This project will be carried out with noble materials such as cut stone from quarries in the south of France. This is a colossal investment of more than €10 million, for which the municipality is strongly supported by its partners such as the Region and the State.

Particular care will be taken to respect a high level of environmental requirements, including in the treatment of the courtyard which should be designed as a natural oasis. 2023 is the year of the installation of the temporary school and the demolition of the old premises.

The surroundings of the schools will be the subject of all our attention with the creation of a back alley and a drop-off point, a car park with a playground, and a multi-sports ground.

Another project for our schools: the dewatering of the Sandro schoolyard in order to fight against global warming and which has many educational benefits.

Finally, with this objective of respecting the environment, the canteens of the municipality will use the services of the Alchemists for the management of bio-waste. Les Alchimistes is a social and solidarity company that collects food waste, produces and redistributes the compost made thanks to these collections.


After the Sandro school, it is at the CTM that we will install photovoltaic panels in order to continue our virtuous path in terms of self-production of energy.

The TPM Metropolis has launched the markets in order to carry out the studies allowing the emergence of different development scenarios. We will have ample opportunity to discuss this before deciding on a project which must absolutely be compatible with the protection of the marine environment.


The services of the Métropole are still working on the project to install this equipment that the municipality needs and which is planned at the eastern entrance to the municipality, near the Stagecoach. 2023 should be the year of bringing urban planning documents into compliance.


The municipality is torn between the legal obligations to own 25% of social housing, the need for Pradétans to find an answer to the lack of affordable housing and the widespread desire to limit construction. For this reason, each project presented by builders is the subject of a very detailed analysis to work on integration into the environment and limit the built-up areas. In this context, the project led by Valophis should begin in the coming months, for the record it includes social housing and social home ownership housing. Similarly, on the former Martelli property, opposite the Orée du Bois, a program is underway.

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