FORLÌ – After the interest aroused by the Introductory Meeting of Prof. Elena Mazzola, which took place last November 16, the “Educating to Reading” 2022-2023 Project continues, which is dedicated to the nineteenth-century novel “The Betrothed Sposi” by Alessandro Manzoni on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the writer’s death.

AULA 29 and the “Orto del brogliaccio” Association, which since 2017 has been committed to cultivating the talents of many young people in its Musical School, are promoting the “Educating to Reading” project dedicated to “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni, with the Patronage of the Municipality of Forlì-Youth Policies Department and in collaboration with APS “Il mondo parla”. The IC 1 “Tecla Baldoni” contributes to the accreditation of the Project on the SOFIA platform of the MIUR

“Educating to reading” is aimed at all citizens, pupils, teachers of secondary schools and all people passionate about literature. We will discover the depth of an author’s text, with the “subject to subject” method, thanks to which the reader enters into a relationship with the author, through an equal and sharing relationship.

The Project, which provides for the free registration of the participants, due to the modernization works of the Theater of the “Candle Factory”, will take place in the months of January, February and March 2023 in the Municipal Hall Piazza Aurelio Saffi Forlì.

Below are all the useful information relating to the next meetings:
– Second Meeting organized by the “Il mondo parla” Association
Friday 20 January at 17 in the Town Hall Piazza Aurelio Saffi
Examples of reading “The Betrothed” with the “subject to subject” method
Prof. Cristina Rossi (IPSIA “F. Corni of Modena), and Prof. Francesca Sartori (Liceo Scientifico “Wiligelmo” of Modena) will dialogue with the participants on the contents of the First Introductory Conference held by Prof. Elena Mazzola, also on the basis of the material sent to the Secretariat of Room 29 ( ): reports, comments, questions, in written form.
-Third meeting and fourth meeting with Prof. Elena Mazzola
Thursday 23 February at 10 in the Town Hall Piazza Aurelio Saffi
Friday 10 March at 10 in the Town Hall Piazza Aurelio Saffi
they will take place in the form of a round table open to secondary school teachers, who will participate individually or accompanied by classes or class groups. Prof. Mazzola will dialogue with teachers and students, also on the basis of reports, comments, questions received in writing in good time to the Secretariat of Room 29. Enrolled students will be able to choose between the two dates indicated.
The activities will end with readings aloud of texts taken from the novel “The Betrothed” that the actress Beatrice Buffadini and the actor Andrea Soffiantini will perform from 09 February to 06 March in the schools that have requested it.

Forlì – II Edition Project Educating to Reading 2022-2023