The “Franco-German day” of January 22 allows each year to make better known, in schools and educational establishments, the culture and the language of the partner country.

the January 22, 2023 – or around this date -, schools and educational establishments are invited to organize activities mobilizing the entire educational community, on the occasion of the 60e anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Treaty. The “Franco-German day” takes place with the support of many partners, including theFranco-German Youth Office (Ofaj)the Goethe-Institut, I’Association for the development of German teaching in France (Adeaf)the Franco-German Houses and many companies that can host classes during the ” Discovery day » implemented by Ofaj.

The slogan proposed to them for reflection to develop activities with the pupils in connection with those of their school or of the German partner establishment is the following: “France and Germany – United for Peace / Deutschland und Frankreich – für den Frieden vereint“.

60 years of Franco-German educational cooperation in 6 steps

This day is a lever for a better knowledge of the partner country. Emphasis is placed on the advantages provided by multilingualism and mastery of the partner’s language, whether in terms of cultural openness or economic opportunities offered in Europe and throughout the world.

The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle: France and Germany towards a new partnership

A new Franco-German Cooperation Treaty was signed on January 22, 2019 in Aachen. It comes to extend and deepen the commitments of the Élysée Treaty of January 22, 1963.

More information on the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle

Activities offered in 2023

Schools and educational establishments are largely free to organize this day. Tools are made available to them to help them implement their projects. Emphasis is placed on the advantages provided by mastering the partner’s language, whether in terms of cultural openness or the economic opportunities it offers. Pupils and their families are also informed about exchange and meeting programs as well as study and employment opportunities in the neighboring country. This event contributes to the promotion of the language and culture of the partner country to all pupils, Germanic or not.

On or around January 22, 2023, schools and educational institutions are invited to organize activities mobilizing the entire educational community and encouraged to call on external partners such as the cultural institutions and services of the Federal Republic of Germany in France, actors from the economic and cultural world, German-speaking media present in the environment immediately, language assistants, pupils or students who have taken part in an exchange with Germany, etc. As far as possible, families are involved in the actions carried out on the occasion of the Franco-German day. The projects developed can also be presented during the 8e edition of Modern Languages ​​Week from April 3 to 7, 2023.

Among the possible activities, the pupils can be welcomed within the partner companies during a Discovery day. This program offered by Ofaj allows the visit of a German company or an institution linked to Franco-German cooperation. In the current context, these visits can be organized remotely. They start on the Franco-German Day, but can extend until the end of June 2023.

Educational resources

Several tools are available to educational teams to promote and organize this day:

  • Organization of the day and Franco-German cooperation

Franco-German Youth Office (Ofaj)

The mission of the institution is to deepen the ties that unite the children, young people, young adults and youth leaders of the two countries.

Presentation of the Franco-German day for education professionals on Éduscol

The Franco-German day on Éduscol

Action sheets for the Franco-German day

Information on Franco-German cooperation in the field of education:
Franco-German cooperation

  • Learning German at school

www.deutschfurschulen.frcreated in favor of learning German at school and college
Support resourcesnew programs are also available and decline the cultural themes by cycle Educ’ARTEan innovative video-on-demand service for teachers and their students from primary school to high school The information brochure “German as a plus” ,

This brochure is distributed by the Ministry for National Education and by the Goethe-Institut. It is available to establishments in the directorates of the departmental services of national education (DSDEN) and in the information and guidance centers (CIO). Other information brochures are distributed by the Goethe-Institut. Download the 2023 brochure “German, a plus” in pdf format Download the 2021 brochure “German as a plus” in PowerPoint ppt format

  • A logo was also developed in partnership with the Goethe-Institut on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. Download the logo for the 60th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

The use of this logo is only authorized in the version designed by the graphic designer and only in the context of communication around the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty

The set of resources is to be found here

Franco-German Day 2023: 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty