Happy New Year and the right strikes back

1,030 days after the start of the contingency in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a result of the global pandemic of Covid 19, at the beginning of week 147 of this contingency, and being Monday, January 9, 2023, I first want to wish you all and to all those who read me a happy, prosperous year and that we can overcome the challenges that we may have and I am sure that it will be so.

Certainly, after December 29 of last year, I moved away from the keys because I gave myself totally to the affection and love of my mother, my nieces and nephews, my sisters and brothers. And that has been one of the reasons why I stayed away from writing, but today I return to it.

And I celebrate life, because one of the most pleasant surprises that this year 2023 brought me at the beginning was the marriage proposal of my younger sister with my brother-in-law after 12 years of happy coexistence. May the blessings of Almighty God continue to fill you always and thank you for all the support you have given me during this time.

Also the reunion with my godmother Mélida, yesterday, after almost 30 years that we had not seen each other. Together with my mother. And the start of many more encounters to come.

But I also want to send my message and my greetings to my dear “Manuela”. To her and her great son, for giving me the wonderful lesson that family is not only those who are united by a blood tie, but also those who are willing to hold your hand in your most difficult moments. And that is why I do not consider them alien to my family but part of it. And I point this out a few hours after our reunion.

After this introduction full of feeling and humanity, because I think it is valid at this time to recharge the batteries of affection. Let’s get into the subject matter today of this column.

Last year in the most recent installment of this column, I allowed myself to formulate a whole set of early warnings. The column that I present below, the first of the year 2023, is intended to be a continuation of that one.

What happened at the end of the year and the beginning of this year in Bolivia, in the Department of Santa Cruz, following the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, after the judiciary of that country issued an arrest warrant for this official for his proven participation in the coup d’état that deposed the then President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales in 2019, and what happened yesterday in Brazil with the action carried out by supporters of the former president of that country, Jair Bolsonaro, to violently take over the The Planalto Presidential Palace and the seat of parliament in the capital, Brasilia, already make us infer the US empire’s counterattack for the Patria Grande.

In my investigations carried out, I must express that an important alert has arisen that I consider opportune, at the beginning of the year 2023, to share with all of you.

The fascist right met in Mexico at the end of last year, where they decided on the actions to be taken in the different countries of America. And these agreed actions are currently getting worse.

In addition to the two already mentioned, and which would be the most recent, we must remember that at the end of the year one of his first actions was to remove Cristina Fernández from the game, then the coup against Pedro Castillo, in Peru.

Here in our country they have been cooking a new multiform attack for several months.

In fact, by the time I write these lines, today there was an educational strike boycotting the restart of the school year after the December holiday. On December 31 of last year, I was able to verify, because I passed through Urdaneta Avenue that day, that the headquarters of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace as the headquarters of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC) They were without electricity in the early hours of the morning.

This multifaceted attack is based on the fact that they want the people to come out en masse to protest, they bet on strikes, discontent, blaming the government for the actions they carry out.

In this regard, I must point out and clarify the following. The peaceful protest, without weapons and without violating other rights established in our Constitution is a conquest of the Bolivarian Revolution achieved with Hugo Chávez and that must be expressed. We must not and cannot criminalize the protest or any claim per se that is made, such as the demand and mobilization of a fair salary, or the proper functioning of the water service. Not everyone who protests these just claims is a CIA agent or an empire payee, because this is established in article 68 of the Magna Carta.

For example, recently these days, while at my residence accompanied by my mother, we were fixing it, and then after a while my brother-in-law and a nephew came out looking for us. After a while, an informant alerted us to a protest about the water service at the corner of Cuartel Viejo in Caracas. Until then, there was no major problem if it were not for the fact that various media outlets such as Televen, Venevisión, Globovisión, La Patilla, Caraota Digital, among others, showed up in record time, which insinuated that it was not a spontaneous and peaceful protest for a fair claim for this service, but it would rather be something prepared, and especially half a block from the Miraflores Palace, seat of the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Particularly and for being close to the site I did not see anything abnormal. In any case, and despite all this deployment, fortunately the protesters were attended by government agencies and in a few hours four water tanks were sent to solve the situation.

It is, then, that in this sense, and in view of this situation, I must point out that at this time we cannot fall into political naiveties either, and even more so on the eve of presidential elections, where the enemies of the Venezuelan Nation-State will accelerate plans to wear out as much as possible in our case, the Chavista leadership of the Bolivarian Government that Nicolás Maduro Moros heads today. And that in some legitimate and valid protests, certain actors of the fascist right have infiltrated.

I point this out because a cooperating patriot, as comrade Diosdado Cabello tells you, informed me that in one of the demonstrations that took place last year demanding fair wages, and whose claim is valid and that the majority of the population accompanies ( especially those of us who work within the Public Administration) detected the presence of extreme right-wing leaders in said mobilization. Obviously they were not a Leopoldo López, a Juan Guaidó or a Henrique Capriles, but they were middle to low leaders of organizations such as Voluntad Popular or Primero Justicia who live in eastern Caracas or in parishes in western Caracas, which for Their nature is not so easy to identify, and that is why they have that facility to infiltrate and blend in with the just protests of the working people. And that is where the deviations and misrepresentations of the struggles come from, which it is my moral obligation to warn in these lines.

It is evident that conspiratorial and destabilizing elements are seeking to paralyze school activities, health centers, transporters, universities, and right-wing groups in those sectors. They seek, trying to copy the Chilean model, the confluence and articulation of these “protests” as part of the actions to heat the streets, within the framework of promoting social conflict with the National Executive.

Until now, the majority of the Venezuelan people have ignored them because they know that some try to wrap themselves up in these struggles and those just demands, to harm the government, the Revolution.

But I do believe, and this to gradually remove arguments and motives from those who intend to fish in a “troubled river” that the government, that the revolution, must rise up and process these just social demands, to avoid manipulation and misrepresentation of the you fight. And above all stand up and speak truthfully about what may be happening.

The Venezuelan people, thanks to Chávez, have been able to recognize that certain and determined political and economic actors seek to manipulate their discontent and their just claim to overthrow the Revolution, but that they will never seek the benefit of the people, and especially of the most vulnerable sectors. .

Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro have always given a decent salary and salaries to the people, who has been in charge of taking it away, destroying it, undoing it, turning it into dust is the fascist right with the dollar, inflation, speculation.

The fascist, stateless right destroys every effort that the revolution constantly makes to give its people a dignified life.

That is why the people, we, the Bolivarian Chavista revolutionaries, are clear, we do not allow ourselves to be carried away by siren songs or by the howling of wolves disguised as sheep.

We know that our president will return to give the people a fair salary, although the right will try to turn it into dust. It is part of the war that seeks to generate discomfort and discontent to turn the people against the Bolivarian Revolution.

For this reason, it is that this year 2023 should be used to start a great social dialogue with all the political, economic and social actors of the country, to find solutions to the great problems of the country, especially that of the citizens of on foot, to those who do not make brainy political analyzes and who may not have a very high political and ideological training, but who, as Rómulo Gallegos expresses it in his sublime work “Doña Bárbara”, loves, suffers and hopes and suffers the ravages of the daily life of the street, which despite the economic or macroeconomic improvements, is still very tough for many people.

This is how I formally start these Quarantine Diaries in this 2023.

Bolívar and Chávez live and their struggles and the Homeland that they bequeathed us continue!

Independence and socialist homeland!

We will live and win!

Happy New Year and the right strikes back