He quotes BRAQUE, reveals the projects and presents his wishes: Dominique CHAMBENOIT at the time of the chef’s surprises!

He had promised surprises, Dominique CHAMBENOIT, before approaching the ceremony of vows, allowing his constituents to live their first reunion of the year in their commune. They were therefore at the rendezvous, Saturday at the village hall! Starting with the aubade, concocted by the Vladimir COSMA School of Music, which punctuated with its tunes borrowed from the Disney repertoire an event lived under the seal of conviviality…

CHEVANNES : Obviously, there were not enough chairs to accommodate the public, present in large numbers at the end of the afternoon this Saturday, during the traditional ceremony of the wishes of the municipality.

An appointment, victim of its success, perfectly oiled at the level of the organization, which was welcomed in the village hall, converted into a place of recital for the time of this joyful and annual session.

It is indeed by a concert, provided by the local School of Music, the well-named “Vladimir COSMA” in reference to the famous film composer “The Big Blond with a black shoe”, “La Boum” or “Les Adventures of Rabbi Jacob”, which began this 2023 session of greetings to the inhabitants of the locality.

At the baton of the musical ensemble, a Xavier CHEVAU, director of the local music school, with impeccable gestures and in top form, flexibly punctuating the vibrating pulsations of the orchestra, directed the formation, almost the smile on the lips. Revisiting in a few appropriate pieces the repertoire of the Disney franchise and its great classics, such as the legendary “Heigh-Ho! We’re back from work”, extract from the soundtrack of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937) or closer to us, “Can You Feel the love tonight”, composed and performed by Elton JOHN in 1994, illustrating the hectic life of the “Lion King”.

A most successful introduction to the subject which was to continue later with the presentation of wishes (and above all the assessment of the projects and prospects of the municipality) by Dominique CHAMBENOIT, the first elected all haloed with a white light, illuminating the desk where the aedile spoke.

A Prévert-style inventory of current projects and prospects…

Once the usual greetings had been pronounced – an audience of institutional personalities from Auxerrois and the Department had made the trip -, Dominique CHAMBENOIT launched into a long speech, offering him the opportunity to take stock of the main actions carried out in 2022. before tackling the list of orientations implemented for the coming year.

Successful visual (and technical) subtlety: for each item addressed by the mayor, photographic illustrations returned by an overhead projector were displayed just above the orchestra, illuminating the top of the village hall, the walls of which transformed into big screen !

Among the topics discussed, let’s mention a jumble of the Maison de santé (a project of one million euros including tax) where general practitioners, dentists will be welcomed – they will be two practitioners – podiatrist, osteopath, reflexologist, nutritionist in the short term; public lighting with the modernization of it with the use of LEDS, the installation of a watering system for the football field, the construction of a parking lot in rue des Mésanges, the repair of the road system, etc. .

It is at the level of communication that the locality has decided to go all out by revamping the model of the magazine, “Les Echos de Chevannes” but also by creating a new website comprising more than thirty-five different headings.

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With its third flower as part of the Flower Villages and Towns of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the agglomeration of the Auxerrois basin also hosted an exhibition of life-size photos of very beautiful underwater landscapes, under the relational impulse of Christophe PAYMAL.

As for the land and real estate part, it was not omitted from the speech during the intervention of the mayor: the “Val de Baulche” subdivision (the complex comprises thirty-nine pavilions, twenty of which are rental and nineteen giving access to the property) is an achievement supported by the Office Auxerrois de l’Habitat (OAH). A project that is part of the new national program for urban renewal. The first pavilion should be available for rental in the spring of 2024.

To be completely complete, let us point out the project in the reflection phase for a home for seniors, with the assistance of DOMANYS, whose specifications are currently being drawn up.

Show patience and indulgence towards the chosen ones…

If Dominique CHAMBENOIT, community elected representative in charge of the always very delicate file relating to “travellers”, thanked as it should all the professional and institutional actors of the vintage who contribute to the success of the projects of his locality, he does not nevertheless failed to distill a few oratorical pearls of which he has the secret towards some zealots who say loud and clear that “all is not perfect in the commune”.

“One of the faults of our society, he argued mockingly, is that of immediacy, rapidity and speed. I do hear these remarks, but we must show indulgence here and perhaps a little patience. It is easy to criticize behind a computer screen but when it is necessary to act on the ground, the lesson givers are absent subscribers! “.

And to conclude with a humorous, almost philosophical pirouette, before the beautiful portions of the Epiphany galette are served, made by master baker Laurent BISSON: “Not everything is done, and fortunately by pressing a button! The emotional aspect must remain at the heart of an elected mandate and probably especially that of the mayor. I like the rule that corrects the emotion and I like the emotion that corrects the rule…”.

Of which act with this quote well about the painter Georges BRAQUE. Inhabitants of Chevannes (or even the others elsewhere!), you have four hours in front of you for the dissertation!

Thierry BRET

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He quotes BRAQUE, reveals the projects and presents his wishes: Dominique CHAMBENOIT at the time of the chef’s surprises!