In Nice, a house dedicated to the “first 1000 days” opens its doors for families

Charles-Ange Ginésy, president of the department and the local deputy Éric Ciotti around Boris Cyrulnik, for the inauguration of the house of the “1000 first days”, in Nice. DR

Young parents will be able to come and find advice and support in this “village” devoted to the well-being of young children.

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Room after room, the official delegation follows suit. The corridors are narrow, the different rooms intimate. One even offers a small view of the Baie des Anges. On two floors and 700 m2, the house of the “first 1000 days” opened its doors on Thursday in the California district of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). Behind this expression, it is necessary to understand the whole universe of early childhood from zero to three years old, just before entering kindergarten.

At each stop in the rooms, Boris Cyrulnik takes the microphone and slips in peaceful, educational words, in the presence of Charles Ange Ginésy, president of the department, and local parliamentarians, Éric Ciotti and Christelle d’Intorni. The neuropsychiatrist, president of the commission of the “first 1000 days”wisely explains the importance of this house which he prefers to name “village”. Neither a crèche nor a maternal and child protection service (PMI). Even better, according to everyone involved. “Professionals, friendship and comfort, so it’s a village”supports the professor.

In 2020, Boris Cyrulnik began working alongside the former Secretary of State for Children and Families, Aurélien Taquet, on this question of the “first 1000 days” of a child. If he does not go so far as to say that everything is at stake there, he prefers to say that it is “a base camp, like for mountaineers, so it’s very important.”

For the teacher, this type of establishment is a consecration. He had imagined it for 40 years. He had seen some in Brazil and was convinced of the need to build some in France. “Women are too lonely with this beloved domestic tyrant called Babyhe points out. There have never been so many depressions when they have never been so free to flourish.

Open to all parents

This house is now open to all parents. No social criteria are taken into account. “Here, we can organize the presence of peace. In this base camp will be played the attachment ‘secure’, details Boris Cyrulnik. We know what to do, we are going to start doing it.»

There will therefore be no screen, except those of medical professionals (gynecologists, paediatricians) that it will be possible to consult free of charge. Rooms devoted to games, children’s gymnastics and relaxation are also available. Everything is done so that the child experiences various emotions. “It must be a place of meeting, of exchange. Disagreeing is delicious! It stimulates the child’s brain.concludes the researcher.

The rehabilitation of the premises will have cost 960,000 euros to the Alpes-Maritimes department and 500,000 euros will be devoted to daily operation.

In Nice, a house dedicated to the “first 1000 days” opens its doors for families