In Racconigi many events for the Day of Remembrance

A series of events and initiatives will be held in Racconigi in the coming days, organized on the occasion of Memorial Day.

The initiatives will be hosted at Soms and are managed by the Progetto Cantoregi association, by the Muzzone and Arimondi Eula schools and by the Anpi, with the patronage of the Municipality

On the occasion of remembrance dayto Tell me a series of events are planned, with the aim of remembering and reflecting on the tragedy that was there Holocaust. The initiatives will be hosted at the Soms and are managed by the association Cantoregi projectgive it Muzzone and Arimondi Eula schools and fromAnpiwith the sponsorship of the Municipality.

Here are all the appointments:

It starts on Sunday 22 January with the Photo exhibition Of Rocky Augustinetaken from the play “The right priest” by Progetto Cantoregi, which delves into the history of don Raimondo Viale. The appointment is organized by Racconigese Photographic Club.

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Tuesday 24 January, at 20:45, the president Anpi of the Racconigi section will dialogue with Angela and Mariuccia Zavattaroauthors of the bookI risked going through the chimney”, while on Wednesday 25 January, again at 20:45, the movieThe truce” (1997), directed by Francesco Rosi and based on the novel of the same name (winner of the Campiello prize) by Primo Levi.

In the following days, again at Soms, the show “Courage sets you free“, which narrates the work of some righteous Cuneo through the vicissitudes of Hannah Horowitz and her daughters. The event is organized by the Bartolomeo Muzzone Institute and Cantoregi Project; the play will be staged on 26 January at 20:45 (open to all) and on 27 January in the morning (reserved for middle school students).

The initiatives will end on Saturday 28 January with the show “Champions of Memory – Sport and Shoah”, stories of athletes persecuted and killed because of the racial laws, edited by Progetto Cantoregi, with the collaboration of the Arimondi Eula institute: the morning staging will be reserved for high school classes, while that of the evening (8.00 pm :45), will be open to everyone.

In Racconigi the exhibition “Alfredo Billetto. A dissolved unconscious”

Remembrance day is a very important event, not just to remember the many innocent victims of the Holocaust, but also to prevent such things from happening again in the future – comments the councilor in charge of education Elisa ReviglioThe numerous initiatives proposed, organized in collaboration with schools, the Progetto Cantoregi association and the Anpi, offer all citizens, young and old, the opportunity to reflect on what happenedbecause knowledge is the best weapon we have against discrimination“.

Reviglio concludes: “It should be noted that this year both secondary school and Arimondi Eula students will not only be spectators, but also actors and creators of content, becoming an active part in perpetuating memory and knowledge“.

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In Racconigi many events for the Day of Remembrance – Il