“La casa delle Letterine” by Michele Pinto screened at the University of Bari

The innovative teaching method of Affective Globalism, conceived in Puglia by the Bari professor Vito De Lillo and used in schools throughout Italy, is also arriving in university classrooms.

A milestone in childhood education that Maestro De Lillo has reached, experimenting since 1983, when he taught at the XXV “Don Milani” educational club in Bari, the use of new technologies in education, developing a process of learning that could be experienced by children not as an effort but as a leisure. By virtue of his aptitude for research in the field of the Italian language, guided by careful observation of his students over the years of teaching, prof. Vito De Lillo thus tested and perfected the method which, in the 1990s, took on the name of “Affective Globalism”.

After the success of the national preview in Altamura and the participation in the States General of the School, held in Matera, now Affective Globalism also arrives at the “Aldo Moro” University of Bari and presents itself to the teachers of tomorrow.

The Department of Education, Psychology, Communication of the University of Bari, directed by Prof. Loredana Perla, will dedicate an entire day to the Affective Globalism method on January 18, starting at 9.30.

Inside the Don Tonino Bello Hall of Palazzo Chiaia-Napolitano, in via Scipione Crisanzio 46, institutions, teachers and students will have the opportunity to learn about the peculiarities of the teaching method, from its conception to development, to its evolution, also through the screening of the film project entitled “La casa delle Letterine”, directed by the Apulian director Michele Pinto.

On the day entitled “Affective Globalism towards the future”, the institutional greetings will be entrusted to Michele Emiliano, president of the Puglia Region; Sebastiano Leo, Councilor of the Puglia Region for Training and Employment; the hon. Filippo Melchiorre, Senator of the Republic, Culture Commission; the hon. Marcello Gemmato, Undersecretary of State for Health. Also present will be the Hon. Giovanni Procacci, former senator of the Republic and Vincenzo Magistà, director of Tg Norba.

The day will see the intervention of those who, over the years, have accompanied the affirmation of the method: Lucrezia Stellacci, former general director of Usr Puglia; Luisa Verdoscia, former head teacher of the IC “Don Milani” Bari; Prof. Lucia Margari, clinical director of Child Neuropsychiatry at the Bari Polyclinic; Donato Marzano, former technical manager and coordinator of Gausr Puglia, and Prof. Loredana Perla, director of Forpsicom.

It will be the director Prof. Perla who will present a project hypothesis of “Research – training” between Schools and the Forpsicom Department, which will be followed by a debate with the schools on the research project, coordinated by Luisa Verdoscia, and the signing of a Protocol of understanding.

Two screenings of the short film on affective globalism “La casa delle Letterine”, scheduled during the day: one in the morning, introduced by the director Michele Pinto, the screenwriter Raffaele Tedeschi and the creator of the method, Maestro Vito De Lillo, and the another at the end of the work.

The medium-length film

The medium-length film “La casa delle Letterine” was promoted by the Istituto Comprensivo Statale “San Giovanni Bosco-Tommaso Fiore, with the economic patronage of the Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education-Training and Employment of the Puglia Region.

Directed by the acute sensitivity of Michele Pinto, the fiction sees in the role of prof. Vito De Lillo, the Apulian actor Francesco Tammacco, with a screenplay written by Raffaele Tedeschi.

The method of Affective Globalism, widely disseminated and tested in hundreds of schools throughout the country thanks also to the assiduous collaboration of Vincenzo Borracci, over the years has obtained commendable and renowned appreciation from important bodies and institutions operating in the field of educational and scientific training and education. Examples of this, to name a few, are the recognitions by the “Aldo Moro” University, the Child Neuropsychiatry Complex Operative Unit of the Bari Polyclinic, the Italian Federation of Nursery Schools, the Institute for Academic Research and Social and Educational, by Anpe (National Association of Pedagogists) and by a Neuro Psychiatry Center in New York.

Supervising the works during the filming of the medium-length film was the school director, Prof. Eufemia Patella; the administrative aspect was entrusted to Dr. Anna Berloco while the pedagogical aspect was supervised by Prof. Luisa Verdoscia, former school director of the “Don Milani” kindergarten and primary school in Bari, the institute where De Lillo patented the method. To coordinate the collaboration of the teachers in the laboratory activities, the teacher Maria Pina Franco.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

“La casa delle Letterine” by Michele Pinto screened at the University of Bari – RuvoLive.it