La Nación / Guild of department stores reported a 20% increase in sales due to Three Wise Men

Eugenio Caje, member of the Association of Importers and Traders of Paraguay (Asimcopar), spoke about the movement that is being generated by Three Kings Day and pointed out that there is a 20% increase in demand. However, he referred to the situation of multi-stores and indicated that there is a lack of strength in the financing and formalization of MSMEs to achieve greater growth.

In communication with 650 AM, the spokesperson for the multi-store union said that sales this past Thursday were quite good and continue to be maintained on Friday morning. He mentioned that they have already verified increases of around 15% and 20% compared to what was registered in the same period of the previous year.

Caje mentioned that they hope that this is only the beginning of a better economic outlook for the entire sector and that sales will improve during the rest of the year for all associated companies, both in Asunción and those located in border areas.

Before today’s festivities, he explained that through support between cooperatives, banks, finance companies and electronic wallets, it was possible to launch various promotions in order to motivate all parents in the country so that they can make purchases. gifts for children.

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Bagatellary robberies continue to generate million-dollar losses for which they ask to apply penalties to the bolsoneras. Photo: File.

“For multi-stores it is the day with the highest sales, the second is for Mother’s Day. School seasons are usually quite important for sales as well,” she noted. On the other hand, he spoke about the entry of MSMEs into multi-stores through the agreement, in order to continue promoting national products.

He clarified that they found great surprises and they are all related to the need for support from micro, small and medium-sized companies regarding access to credit and the facilities to achieve formalization. “We need to strengthen the financing and formalization of MSMEs, we want Paraguayan products to provide more to multi-stores,” he mentioned.

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He also explained that they are in full fight against the bolsoneras, for which they ask that the law be studied to apply penalties to them because it is a trifle theft and so far there is no penalty for which they ask that the fines be lowered but apply a stronger penalty in terms of deprivation of liberty.

He stated that in one year they have a loss of approximately 50% of what would be the rent due to thefts in all businesses. They currently have 36 large multi-store companies and through carriers they have associated border businessmen from the interior of the country.

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La Nación / Guild of department stores reported a 20% increase in sales due to Three Wise Men