La Tamborrada Infantil, ready for the big day

The Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián hosted this afternoon the traditional reception for the positions of honor of the
Children’s Drumming prior to the parade on January 20. More than 4,700 schoolchildren divided into 48 companies will leave, weather permitting -the reports announce rain during the early hours of the 20th- at 12 noon on the 20th of January from Alderdi Eder to walk to the rhythm of the sounds of Raimundo Sarriegui the main streets in the center of San Sebastián.

This year it is the turn of the Zurriola Ikastola students to interpret the characters of civil society from the early 19th century, while the Drum Major (Paul Martínez Pey) corresponds to Orixe. The General (Irati Martínez) and her Assistant (Unai Barros) will ride on horseback, while the Mayor (Xebastian Jauregi), the Citizen (Lorea Lasala) and the Citizen (Julen Vitoria), the Notary (Inge Beristain), the Boatwoman (June Urbizu), the Fisherman (Telmo Etxebeste), the Nurse (Julene Mintegi), the Shepherdess (Maren Esnaola), the Spinner (Haizea Ruiz), the Merchant (Danel Ibarrondo), the Water Bearer ( Lur Apalategi), the Muleteer (Julen Eskisabel) and the Equerries (Danel Mendiguren, Gari Barandiaran, Garazi García de Andoin, Nahia Larruskain, Nikole Antoñanzas and Jon Muñoz). Instead, Bella Easo will not be seen, a character that Zurriola has decided to do without as Aitor Ikastola already did in 2020.

In this 2023 the Children’s Tamborrada recovers all its splendor after last year the coronavirus pandemic forced it to be divided by neighborhoods. The nerves and excitement before the arrival of the big day were palpable among the protagonists who packed the stalls of the Victoria Eugenia. The dantzaris of Gero Axular have opened the presentation ceremony to the rhythm of the ‘Primitive march-zortziko of San Sebastián (Aintzinako Martxa)’. Afterwards, the magician Sun, the actors from ‘Goazen’ and ‘Irabazi Arte’ or a performance by Elvi entertained those present before the official presentation of the characters.

The mayor of San Sebastián Eneko Goia has handed over the baton of command of the city to the Drum Major of Orixe (Paul Martínez Pey) and has placed the medal to the protagonists before concluding the act with the March of San Sebastián.

usual route

The Children’s Tamborrada recovers the usual route from pre-pandemic times: Alderdi Eder, Hernani street, Avenida, Urbieta, Prim, Bergara, Idiakez and Gipuzkoa square. Before leaving, the Citizen and the Citizen will deliver their speech to the troops and the Drum Major will raise the baton to order the first rataplan.

The Lancers of the Royal Equestrian Society of Loiola will open the parade -with twenty horses coming in part from Loreak- and they will be followed by Euskal Billera, the oldest children’s company in the city. The rest will maintain the historical order, with a novelty in last place: the ikastola Amassorrain from Añorga Txiki replaces Errekalde Gastronomi Elkartea, which has participated in the Children’s Tamborrada since 1991 and has ceded the organization of the company to the parents of the school. . By changing promoters and names, he loses his seniority privileges and goes to the end of the parade, just before Zurriola Ikastola and the float.

La Tamborrada Infantil, ready for the big day