Last Light: was the series really shot in France? Joanne Froggatt responds (Interview)

What would we do if an unprecedented crisis took place and the whole world was left without electricity? This is the question the series tries to answer. last light, available now on Prime Video. Based on the novel of the same name by Alex Scarrow, it follows the story of a family whose members are scattered across several countries when the worst happens. The father, Andy (Matthew Fox) is stuck in the Middle East, the mother, Elena (Joanne Frogatt) and their son are in Paris, where he must undergo a life-changing operation, and their teenage daughter is in England. Will they manage to find each other?

last light was presented in preview last June at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and was one of our favorites of the 2022 edition. We were able to meet Joanne Froggatt, who plays Elena, the mother of the family. The star also seen in Downton Abbey and the series Liar gave an interview to PRBK.

The series is even more relevant than we expected

PRBK: Can you describe us last light in a few words ?

Joanne Froggatt : This is a very exciting series, filled with action, surprises and suspense. And at the same time, this series is very relevant. A story is told of an eco-terrorist attack that threatens all infrastructure around the world. It shows how dependent we are on oil as communities. The war in Ukraine has shown this recently. Unfortunately, the series is even more relevant than we expected.

Who is your character?

I play Elena, a mother. She has two children: a teenager, Laura, and an 8-year-old boy, Sam, who has a degenerative eye disease. She is married to Andy, who is played by Matthew Fox. At the beginning of the story, she will go to France to accompany her son for an operation while Andy is called to go to the Middle East for his job, he works for a company specializing in oil. Elena feels abandoned by Andy, their relationship is a bit complicated. There is a terrorist attack causing chaos all over the world, causing power cuts, nothing works. All are scattered in different countries and they try to find each other.

>> It’s the best sci-fi series of the year, but hardly anyone watches it <<

How was filming with Taylor Fay playing your son?

With some children, it’s quite difficult to act because sometimes it’s their first experience on a set and some don’t like it and they can’t know it until they are there. Or they don’t like to be there. It is difficult for them and for everyone. It’s always a bit stressful working with a child. More on last light because I knew that he and I would have a lot of scenes together. If he hadn’t had a good time or hadn’t liked it, it would have been complicated.

But Taylor playing Sam was amazing. I loved working with him. He didn’t complain once. I don’t think I heard him blow once during the whole shoot. He always wanted to be there. He hated when his mother picked him up for his break or brought him home. He listened very well, I could see that he was very interested in all this. I had told him from the start that he could ask me anything and he asked me a lot of questions. He is very intelligent and, as soon as we explained something to him, he asked: “Why are we doing this ?” and I explained to him, then he did the take.

Last Light: was the series really shot in France? Joanne Froggatt responds (Interview)