Marigliano, Epiphany of success for the “Raffaele Reppucci” Theater Company: on stage “Theater, culture, passion, entertainment, but above all a lot of solidarity” | Scisciano News

Marigliano, 6 January –“Theatre is culture, it is passion, it is fun, but above all it is a lot of solidarity”. It is the message of the theatrical comedy “Daughters and nepute … chelle che faje is all lost”. The text of Thomas Mugnanoadapted from Antonio Cerciellodirector, actor and custodian of the noblest theatrical tradition, was masterfully interpreted by the company Raffaele Reppucci.

With a parterre of all new actors and a very topical comedy, the theme of the elderly was tackled, considered as a burden and increasingly relegated to rest homes, or entrusted to the care of foreign carers. Children who fight over care and which they leave to their female sisters. Lots of laughter, but also a lot of reflection and civic education in the theatrical script staged by Antonio Cerciello, the real star of the evening who made inroads into the hearts of the kids present in the hall.

A dean, a driving force, Antonio Cerciello, 80 years old and not showing it. A real pleasure to see him on stage in the role of Michele, the head of the family, with the enthusiasm of a boy. Nicla Esposito’s interpretation of Rituccia was also excellent, as she fell perfectly into the role of the daughter-in-law grappling with her husband’s betrayal obsession. The Coppeta family brought the drama of this society to the fore. Young people who want to sing, boys who play the role of Latin lover, image, beauty and above all the figure of the mother as a point of reference to always get yes to one’s requests.

It is Amalia, played by Teresa Palma, Michele’s wife, who always gives money to her children and grandchildren, justifying them on everything. Michele, on the other hand, is the elderly father struggling with ailments, but who does not disdain admiration for women and discusses it extensively with his friend Arturo, played by Giovanni Passaro, an authentic revelation. The parish of San Marcellino that promoted the initiative was right: Lausdomini continues to be a community laboratory, starting with Don Antonio Rossi, passing through Don Salvatore Spiezia.

The community responds, the middle school auditorium Elijah Aliperti, kindly made available by the headteacher Pina La Montagna, is the ideal place not to lose those genuine roots, which find the real essence of popular theater in Lausdomini. Ennio, Francesco Coppola, is the son who had a daughter from a relationship with a Polish woman: the young Pakita, Ilaria Esposito, the young and beautiful carer, who later turned out to be Michele’s granddaughter. Pakita gives a moral lesson to everyone: “I’ll take care of grandpa”.

Antonietta, played by Ginetta Coppola, is the concierge who knows a little of everyone’s facts and who breaks up the dramatic atmosphere. Valerio, Luciano Tuccillo, the gay hairdresser, who doesn’t convince Michele that, seeing him struggling with giving massages to his wife, he kicks him. Gigetto and Susy, the young couple, who play and sing free style and rap: in their shoes Vito and Carmen Pensiero. And the guys at the bar? Angelina and Ciruzzo, or rather Chiara Napolitano and Giovanni Narducci…she is a shy girl and he is the classic street urchin who doesn’t leave without the bribe. Carletta and Paoletta, Michele’s nieces, a real hoot.

The children Rosa, or Marilena Barone and Diodato, Antonio Passaro, the intellectual son. Pippo is Mario Lombardi, the deaf son-in-law who always understands one thing for another making the audience burst out laughing. The scenes entrusted to the art professor Matilde Canonico are beautiful, the window is suggestive which when opened overlooks the local bell tower with Amalia who rises again, in the guise of a white angel giving moral lessons to her daughter-in-law and her husband, Michele.

In the guise of bouncers, Luigi Cerciello, recallers Marialucia Lo Regio and Tonia Coppola. Teresa Palma also took care of the artistic direction. The scenes were created by Salvatore Esposito and Cristina Sepe. Audio and lights by Antonio Amato and Raffaele Castaldo. The furniture of Sud Arreda, by Raffaele Di Sarno. Plants: “Essence of flowers.” It was a response anti-epiphany that achieved great success with the whole community gravitating around the Sa Marcellino parish present. Waiting for the next aggregation opportunity that makes you laugh and reflect at the same time.

Anita Capasso

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Marigliano, Epiphany of success for the “Raffaele Reppucci” Theater Company: on stage “Theater, culture, passion, entertainment, but above all a lot of solidarity” | Scisciano News