Minister announces sanctions for increasing school fees

SCHOOLS. Private educational units will be penalized if pensions rise.

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The dispute over the increase in school fees for 2023 was definitively opened this Tuesday in the country, with the warning from the Ministry of Education to sanction private schools that carry out this measure, after Andecop’s announcement on Monday.

Minister Edgar Pary threatened to apply the sanctions established by the norm to private schools that increase pensions this year. The authority asked parents not to sign agreements in the registrations that may affect others.

In a press conference, the authority explained reasons why the increase in pensions is not viable by 2023.

In the first place, he clarified that the curricular mesh will not imply an increase in subjects. “In this update there are no more areas of knowledge, which have expressed it; That’s a lie,” said the authority. Likewise, he explained that the workload will not be lengthened either, so the schedules will continue to be the same as previous years.

“We respectfully ask Andecop to think about the right to education of all our students and then we will think about our pockets. We are very sorry for the expressions that have been expressed yesterday (for Monday), I think that there we are more desperate to be able to earn more money, ”Pary declared.

He also questioned whether “the right to education that our students have is violated.”

In addition, the authority showed a survey in which allegedly 90% of parents would be against the increase in pensions.

On Monday, after a national expansion, the National Association of Private Schools of Bolivia (Andecop) announced the increase in pensions. The instance clarified that the increase will vary according to the region and that the situation of private educational units will be evaluated, because the new curricular mesh represents fundamental readjustments to their budgets.

The detail regarding the percentages will be socialized this Friday, after carrying out a new national expansion of the entire sector. Likewise, the entity criticized the lack of response from the Ministry of Education to Andecop’s requests for a meeting to analyze the readjustment of pensions.

The same way; Antonino Villena, Andecop’s legal advisor, stated that the readjustment should be subject to inflation, which registered 3.1% in 2022.

On the other hand, Villena assured that Andecop will take legal measures against the Ministry of Education.


In the department, Andecop remains in line with its national entity, the leaders will wait until Friday’s enlargement to determine the percentage of the increase. Regarding whether some educational units were closed, “some schools have closed and others are waiting for the determinations on the increase,” said Juana Zurita, president of Adecop, to Correo del Sur Radio FM 90.1.

While the Departmental Director of Education, Juan Sacari, informed CORREO DEL SUR that the instance awaits instructions from the Ministry of Education to address, if necessary, private educational units that fail to comply with the decisions of the educational authorities.


In 2022, Andecop refrained from implementing a pension increase. The monthly payments in private educational units are maintained from 2020 until last year.

The PPFF Association of Private Schools is dissolved

At the national level, the Association of Parents of Private Schools, opted for its dissolution because “those who were part of the leadership have suffered the intimidation of our children by private schools,” reported Juan José Zamorano, former leader of the organization to Correo del Sur Radio FM 90.1.

He indicated that some schools took hostile attitudes with minors, and for this reason “nobody wants to assume the role of representation” of this entity.

“The big problem with this is that the Ministry of Education (…) must enforce Resolution 001/2023,” Zamorano stressed.

He also pointed out that the district offices did not respond adequately to complaints of abuse by private schools. “In many of the cases (…) he had the answer ‘change it to a public school,'” he recounted, for example.

Zamorano described what happened as an “incompetence” of the Ministry, since, in his opinion, it shows that the Government intends to get rid of private educational units.

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Minister announces sanctions for increasing school fees