More than half a million visitors to Nice museums in 2022: “an absolute record”

After a complicated return following the Covid-​19 pandemic, the cultural sector seems to have regained strength in our city. The results for 2022 are encouraging, even if our museums can do even better compared to other municipalities.

Performance halls, cinemas, or even theatres… The cultural environment has been greatly impacted by the health crisis, especially with its restrictions. But gradually, the situation is improving.

Last week, Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, pronounced his wishes to the actors of culture. The opportunity to roll out a quantified assessment of the past year.


Photo: Nice-​Presse

Increase in attendance

As a reminder, attendance at establishments was struggling to regain its pre-Covid figures. The trend is now positive.

In museums, there have been “nearly 600,000 visitors” over the whole year. “Which is an absolute record since we have the statistics, that is to say half a century” affirmed Christian Estrosi.

Enough to make up for our delay in this matter? Nantes, a smaller town, has been well over one million visitors for years. Lyon attracts 700,000 onlookers every year with the Confluences museum alone. Marseille 800,000 and more only with its Mucem…

In 2022, the Opera welcomed more “of 85,000 spectators”. Bertrand Rossi, director of the establishment had also underlined in an interview for Nice-​Presse: “it’s an important feat”.

Regarding the National Theater of Nice, shaken by the demolition of its historic headquarters and the delivery of new, more modern rooms, no figure has been mentioned.

On the private side and cinemas in Nice, the balance sheet seems to be improving little by little. In the Pathé Gare du Sud and Masséna, “September was indeed weaker than other years” detailed Savanna Samokine, the director, with Nice-Presse.

“On the other hand, for October, the entries are very good. Attendance has risen well”. “It’s encouraging, we are starting to progress again”.

Quality programming

The success of 2022 is also due to a program “exceptional” in the different structures. For example, the Museum of Photography has offered exhibitions with big names, such as the legendary Studio Harcourtthe giant Nick Knightor the photographer Vincent Munier

The Biennale of Arts was also a “real popular and tourist success” with eleven flower-themed exhibits. The Matisse museum broke its daily attendance record with 1,719 visitors.

Villa Masséna saw its increase by 62%, compared to the last edition.

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Nice Theater Festival has also made it possible to revive the public for its eighth edition, in particular thanks to the establishment of its festival of creations. A first experience that has proven itself with full rooms and very good feedback.

At the cultural level, 2022 is therefore encouraging. For 2023, Christian Estrosi promises a “record year” also with a rich program, but also many projects.

Among them: a new extension of 100% Culture at school or the first experiment of the TNN within the amphitheater of Cimiez.

More than half a million visitors to Nice museums in 2022: “an absolute record”