On Prime Video a beautiful romantic comedy to watch tonight to smile and dream a little.

Do you want to see a romantic comedy and spend a nice evening in total relaxation? Watch this movie on Prime Video and let yourself be transported to a perfect day!

What’s better than a story that makes us smile and dream a little, perhaps for the whole family? The perfect day (Meet Cute) is the new one movie which you can see in stream up Prime Videos that plays with our doubts and questions our beliefs.

This romantic comedylightly, makes us explore our fears and deal with pain, reminding us of a great truth: each of us is the sum of all the positive and negative experiences we have had over time.

The film, directed by Alexandre Lehmannconfirms the talent of an actress much loved by the general public who is the absolute protagonist here.

We are talking about Kaley Cuocowho many will remember for her role as Penny in the hugely successful series The Big Bang Theory. The response of the famous sitcom was such that the woman, together with the other two protagonists Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, came to perceive a check for over a million dollars per episodebecoming the highest paid TV series actress ever.

Although she was already known for other productions, #TBBT was for her the springboard to international fame, which brought her other important participations, such as the thriller series The flight attendant and the lead role in the film The perfect day.

Next to her in this textbook rom-com, Pete Davidsona highly regarded American actor and comedian, former cast member of the historic television show Saturday Night Live.

The trademark of his comedy is referred to by him as “a series of brutal truths and vulgar confessions”. Davidson talks about marijuana use, sex, relationships and uncomfortable experiences in school.

With The perfect day it is not his first film experience, but it is certainly his role – at the moment – most recognizable on the big screen, despite having already been the protagonist of the title The King of Staten Island.

Complete the cast of the film Kevin Corriganan actor with a long apprenticeship behind him and prominent participations in unforgettable productions, such as Those good guys by Martin Scorsese e American Gangsters by Ridley Scott.

What’s he doing in a romantic comedy like this? And what’s the story behind this movie on Prime Video?

Let’s go find out.

The perfect day

Watch the trailer and discover the plot

When Sheila walks into a Manhattan bar she is immediately smitten by Gary, who unlike the other patrons isn’t watching the game on TV.

She doesn’t like sports either, so pushed by the advice of the bartender she decides to offer him something to drink, and the two order the same cocktail at the same time: an Old Fashioned.

And that’s not the only thing that coincides: Sheila and Gary seem to think alike and say the same things over and over again at the same time.

An appointment is born, which passes through a very pleasant dinner in an Indian restaurant, continues in a walk and ends with a romantic kiss.

Everything seems perfect, but something is wrong.

What we are witnessing, in fact, is not really their first date. Or rather, it is for Gary.

Not for Sheila, who has discovered a time machine and goes back 24 hours on repeat to perfect the evening with Gary.

At the end of the evening she confesses everything to the man, adding that she kills all the “copies” of herself that she finds on every trip.

The thing, however, gets out of hand when makes an extreme decision: to travel much further into the past to change not only some details of the appointment, but some stages in Gary’s life.

She wants to deprive him of negative experiences that he has told her to make him suffer less, without however taking into account an important truth: changing the Gary of the past will irreversibly change the one of the present as well with which, one day repeated at a time, she fell in love…

What will happen? Will the two be able to have their happy ending or has Sheila permanently compromised everything?

And will Gary go back to what he was before?

Find out with The perfect dayexclusive Prime Videos.

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On Prime Video a beautiful romantic comedy to watch tonight to smile and dream a little.