On Sunday the students of the “Einstein” high school in Molfetta represent “La Mandragola”

Sunday 22 January, in the indoor gym in Via Don Piacente, at 19.00the students and teachers of the Scientific High School “A. Einstein” stage”The Mandrake“, a reinterpretation of the famous comedy by Niccolo Machiavelli.

The performance, the final and apical moment of the modules NOP ESF (Project 10.2.2A-FDRPOC-PU-2022-371 ACTIVELY TOGETHER: Culture and rights for all – Specific Objectives 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 – Actions 10.1.1, 10.2.2 and 10.3.1.), takes its cue from one of the best-known classics of Italian literature which tackles, with wit and sarcastic humour, the problem of corruption of society understood as a total loss of morality and family values, urging the viewer to serious and almost acrid laughter, which makes you think a lot.

The author, in fact, through the tool of mockery, carries out a real denunciation and criticism of the customs of the society of the time (it is set in Florence, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, through a unit of time – it begins in the morning and ends the morning of the following day – and of space): its purpose is to highlight the loss of values ​​that the individual is going to encounter. All the characters that appear are stereotypes with their own interiority and each one represents a certain social class with its typical attitudes and thought influences.

The author’s narrative mastery lies in the fact that with a light and penetrating language he creates in the viewer of any time those perspectives of updating critical messages applicable to the society he belongs to through the interpretation of the “Sitz im leben”, of the vital environment in which the individual experiences everyday life, making the spectator himself the protagonist and not a simple and passive observer. Man can free himself from decadence by rebelling, opposing reason and reason against it virtue and attempting that definitive redemption in which Machiavelli had always believed.

The topicality of this story is made even more alive thanks to the creativity of the students who, in the guise of actors, set designers, graphic designers, choreographers, musicians, assisted by teachers and external experts (including Candelmo Claudia for the choreographic part e Zanzarella Titian for the musical part), have put their knowledge and transversal skills to good use, well supported by a literary and scientific preparation that characterizes the Intellectual Profile of the student of the Scientific High School. The scenographic digital and three-dimensional devices are part of the innovation of the educational offer that the Liceo Scientifico “A. Einstein” has been undertaking for years with the establishment of the curvatures Cambridge- drama, Steam, biomedical and four-yearwhich they see in the synergistic combination of scientific-technological and humanistic contents the strength of a training in step with the times and attentive to the professional future of its studentsthe.

Thanks go to the school director, prof Josephine Bassifor having integrated the PON planning into the educational offer of the School and to the DSGA, Fabio Petruzzellifor administrative support. Then to the teacher Anna Maria de Cegliafor the coordination of the entire performance, to the teachers Olympia Rana, Ruggero Sguera Ruggero, Rosa de Pinto for didactic-organizational tutoring, to the ATA staff and to the technical assistant, Maurizio Raguseo for logistic support, and, last but not least, to all the students involved, who faced for three months, with sacrifice and dedication, the challenge of corroborating ordinary teaching with extra-curricular planning.

On Sunday the students of the “Einstein” high school in Molfetta represent “La Mandragola”