Pedibus: a solution for the Earth

The best way to save money when it is necessary to move is to walk. In the Saône-et-Loire department, Crissey designed a pedibus. The concept is simple and accessible to all: go to school on foot, with friends and supervised by guides.

No strikes, no polluting discharges and sport: here are the three major strengths of the pedibus! Regular sports practice from the age of three can boost cardiovascular health. This pedestrian bus also restricts the number of cars. Once in class, the children gain attention according to the teachers. Several municipalities in Saône-et-Loire are considering the measure with a view to applying it.

Definition and benefits

The pédibus is a pedestrian school bus. Parents accompany the children during a very specific course and in the direction of a school. Students can integrate the walking bus into breakpoints during the journey, hence the comparison with the bus.

The first pedestrian school bus appeared in Australia in the early 1990s. Since then, it has become popular all over the world and even in France. The pedibus has more and more followers in the country! It must be said that the advantages are numerous. By changing the car (or the classic bus) by walking, it is ideal for nature and for everyone’s health (children and parents included). It is also more secure because the bike since children benefit from adult supervision.

This concept also offers the possibility of building relationships between neighbours: the parents help each other and the children can exchange views by doing the course daily. There is also an educational function: students acquire notions of the Highway Code and learn to move safely in a group.

How to make a walking bus?

Why not try the pedibus in your village or town? Discover recommendations to design one in your neighborhood! First of all, it is necessary to carry out a meeting with the parents of pupils and to reveal the concept of the pédibus. If the project is validated, the organization stage begins.

Define a route to the school that offers the possibility of picking up all the children. It needs to take into account the road constraints and adult engagement. Remember to define the stops where children can join the pedestrian school bus.

Then, contact the town hall and the local authorities who will allow you to define (logistically) the stops on the way, the aim being to perfectly secure the passages on the road. Write a charter of commitment that will reveal the obligations for parents and students. You can easily find sample charters on the web.

Determine a schedule for accompanying parents. He must also name the individual whose mission is to guarantee the supervision of the children and the one who must direct the pedibus.

On the equipment side, you have to think about fluorescent vests so that everyone is clearly visible. Inform the school in order to optimize student entrances and exits, and provide a display of information related to the walking school bus.

And for insurance?

For students, we recommend that you choose school insurance covering any damage caused to third parties or their own. So that the dangers on the way to the school are covered, think about it! For the organizers and the accompanying parents, know that nothing is obligatory.

It is the responsibility of the parents who are affected by the damage caused by their children. It is a civil liability, without fault. This applies, for example, to someone injured by another during the course. School insurance offers the possibility of bearing the damage endured by the child of the insured adult, but also the damage that the pupil causes.

It is strongly advised to design an association law 1901 to offer a legal framework to the walking school bus and simplify the functions, status and responsibilities of all. This will make it possible to implement insurance supporting the liability of the directors of the association. Another possibility to take into account: ask the school or the town hall if they can extend their insurance coverage to all players in the pedestrian school bus.

Pedibus: a solution for the Earth – La Revue des Transitions