Presented the program of the 18th Festival “The Planet of Malicence”

The program of the was presented this morning 18th Festival “The Planet Gossip”many new items on the bill since 12 to 15 January 2023.

The festival is organized every year by more active congregations of Agnesi in L’Aquila with the coordination of Brotherhood of Devotees of Saint Agnes.

The presentation took place in one strange press conference in which the journalists were seated on the table and, opposite, the many members of the Organizing Committee.

The initiative, which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of L’Aquila, aims to renew the typical tradition of the capital of Abruzzo of slander intended not as lowly gossip or insult, but as healthy and sincere constructive criticism.

To do the honors this morning, the commissioner Roberto Tinari who underlined how the municipal administration intends to continue its work of support for a tradition that is fully part of the L’Aquila region. The details of the program were then illustrated by the president of the association that promotes the Festival, Angelo DeNicolaand by the representatives of the Brotherhoods who organized the various appointments.

Among the main novelties, after a long pause linked to the pandemic (which did not interrupt the celebrations but certainly greatly conditioned them), an event with the popular actor ‘Nduccio but “out of town”, i.e. in the “L’Aquilone” shopping center in Pile which, as the director of the structure underlined Valentina Bianchi, willingly made himself available always close to the city and its events. Event in collaboration with theAmateur Sports Association Federlibertas L’Aquila; lead by Paolo Del Vecchio (artistic director with Manuela Festa) and Melania Fonte.

Another novelty: a pause for reflection for the various art competition: theAgnesino 2023 “Ludovico Nardecchia” (with the annexed Palio di Sant’Agnese to the connected Confraternity) will be combined with the artistic postcard with the winner of the “Ricostruendo” photo contest entitled to the memory of Amedeo Esposito. Also important is the continuation of the initiative linked to the dialect as a safeguard of civic identity, dedicated to our young people, thanks to the availability of the Comenio Comprehensive Institute of Scoppito-Tornimparte. And, still speaking of young people, the collaboration with the Aquila Hotel Institute Festival is being strengthened, whose students this year will launch the dessert “The Language of Saint Agnes” on their recipe under the coordination of teachers.

This is the detail of the four days of the Festival:

– FIRST DAY Thursday 12 January 2023

“Giulio Verne” Palombaia – Tornimparte Secondary School “DIALECT AS A PRESERVICE OF CIVIC IDENTITY” 10.30 am Gymnasium Theater workshop in dialect of the students of the Comprehensive Institute “Comenio” Guest of honor FRANCO NARDUCCI ** Hours 17 Aula magna Round table Our mother tongue yesterday and today As part of the “National Day of the Unpli-Unesco dialect” Greetings: Gianmarco FIORI – Mayor of Tornimparte Loreto LOMBARDI – Mayor of Scoppito Angelo CARUSO – President of the Province of L’Aquila Domenico FUSARI – President of the Pro Loco Tornimparte-Unpli Clarice PANELLA – Councilor for the Municipality of Tornimparte Angelo DE NICOLA – President of the “Confraternity of the ‘devotees’ of Sant’Agnese” Association Introduced by Gilberto MARIMPIETRI – Headmaster of the Comenio Comprehensive Institute – Scoppito “Presentation of the Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlas Computerized of the Conca Aquilana (ALEICA)” Speakers Francesco AVLIO Giovanni DE GASPERIS Teresa GIAMMARIA Coordinator Liliana BI ONDI – former professor at the University of L’Aquila

– SECOND DAY Friday 13 January 2023

PARK AUDITORIUM 5.30 pm Greetings Pierluigi BIONDI – Mayor of L’Aquila THE COMPANY OF THE UNSTABLES “ÈSSO QUISSI!” presents VENÉTE, VENÉTE! SEEMS “QUISSI” SEMO! ‘Na specie ‘e cabbarè co’ stories, adaptations and creations to amuse and enjoy ourselves TEXTS by Liliana Biondi, Umberto Pilolli, Daniela Rosati, Anna Rita Rotili DIRECTION by Mario Narducci Cast: Liliana Biondi: Noble Confraternity of the Jemo ‘nnanzi Cantina Giacomo Carnicelli: Congregation of friends of Zeppetella di Tornimparte Mario Celi: Sci-muniti Congregation Oreste Cordeschi: Aquilana Confraternity of the Devotees of Sant’Agnese Luca Frascaria: Ancient and Noble Congregation of Sant’Agnese Mario Narducci: Ancient and Noble Congregation of Sant’Agnese Umberto Pilolli: Brotherhood Dance that you pass Dino Rocchi: Ancient and Noble Congregation of Sant’Agnese Daniela Rosati: Brotherhood Dance that you pass Anna Rita Rotili: Congregation Sci-Muniti Maura Sergio: Congregation Le Mejio Ortiche Music chosen and edited by Vincenzo Guglielmi. On guitar: Vincenzo Guglielmi and Ilenia Tancredi; on mandolin: Mario Dionisio and Arnaldo Ettorre. Video shooting and recordings by Claudio Ferroni FREE ADMISSION (booking recommended on 349 069 3440)

– THIRD DAY Saturday 14 January 2023

“L’AQUILONE” shopping center Via Giuseppe Saragat, Nucleo Industriale Pile 5.30 pm “Satire and slander” with ‘NDUCCIO Greetings Emanuele IMPRUDENTE – Vice President of the Abruzzo Region Valentina BIANCHI – Director of the L’Aquilone shopping center Presents Paolo DEL VECCHIO – Artistic director of events ” L’Aquilone” AT THE END THERE WILL BE OFFERED A HOT TOAST prepared by the ANA – Gruppo Alpini “M. Iacobucci” from L’Aquila and SWEETS and SAVORY SATS OF SAINT AGNESE prepared by the Club Devote di Sant’Agnese and by the Congrega Amici di Zeppetella of Tornimparte with LANGUAGE OF SAINT AGNESE prepared, according to their recipe, by the students of the Istituto Alberghiero dell’Aquila The evening will be enlivened by THE TRIO 99 FREE ADMISSION FOURTH DAY Sunday 15 January 2020 REDUCED AT THE MUNICIPAL THEATER Piazza del Teatro – L’Aquila 5.00 pm The THEATER COMPANY IL GRUPPO DELL’AQUILA presents “Sott’aju lettu non ce ne capono cchiù” comedy brilliant written and directed by Rossana Crisi Villani Characters and performers LORETA the grandmother Veronica BERNABEO CLOTILDE the daughter Tiziana GIOIA EVANDRO the son-in-law Carmine RANTUCCI LUCIANA the niece Lorella VESPA DANILUCCIA the other niece Alice DI SABATINO ROBERTO Luciana’s boyfriend Alberto VILLANI ALBERICO the father Roberto TERENZIANI TROSOLINA the mother Rita PELLICCIONE LUCIO the uncle Goffredo FIASCHETTI FREE ADMISSION (subject to availability)

Presented the program of the 18th Festival “The Planet of Malicence”