Public school: Chakib Benmoussa presents the objectives of the 2022/26 roadmap

The new roadmap 2022/26 on the reform of national education which must offer a better public school for all, is based on “clear and measurable” objectives, said Monday, the Minister of National Education, of Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa. The Minister drew up an alarming report on the situation of Moroccan public schools and presented the planned means of action.

Presented last November, this new roadmap should operate a global overhaul of the Moroccan education system by 2026. This strategy is based on 12 key commitments and plans to act on 3 levels of the education system, knowing satisfied students who master basic skills, valued teachers and a welcoming school.

To implement this reform of the Moroccan education system, Chakib Benmoussa, discussed with more than 100,000 people including teachers, families of students, and schools.

The plan sets itself the objective of reducing the school dropout rate by a third (i.e. 100,000 school dropouts instead of 300,000 each year), doubling the number of primary school students mastering the fundamentals to 60% instead of 30% currently, to double the number of students with extracurricular activities.

To follow up on this strategy, Chakib Benmoussa explained in his presentation during the first session of the second term of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research, that objective evaluations will be carried out each year to know the impact of these measures.

To this end, he underlined that this reform is profound and has progressive effects over time, and will experience first experiments during the 2022-2023 school year, before a generalization of these experiments in the 2024-2025 season, then the generalization of this change for 2026/27.

Benmoussa also made a sad statement about the shortcomings of Moroccan public schools, saying that despite the existence of a desire for reform and a common strategic vision, public schools do not guarantee to win the confidence of citizens. , indicating that 70% of students do not master the lessons at the end of primary education, and that only 25% of girls and boys participate in parallel activities, while mentioning the large number of school dropouts.

According to him, the success of this new roadmap can only be achieved if 3 conditions are met, namely governance, the commitment of stakeholders and funding.

What hinders the realization of the national will for reform within the departments, noted the Minister, is the lack of monitoring mechanisms on the ground, the absence of impact measurement, the lack of accountability in the achievement of objectives and results. He also cited among other negative elements, the difficulty of coordination between actors at central, regional and local levels.

Benmoussa felt that it was necessary to realize that despite the efforts, the results are not there and that there is a crisis of confidence. To really improve the quality of public schools, he stressed, we must break with previous methods.

Public school: Chakib Benmoussa presents the objectives of the 2022/26 roadmap