Rapinese, 6 months later: “2027, still me mayor. Muggiò swimming pool, fancazzismo of the parties. Ticosa, Budget, Politeama and Pnnr, we spit blood and crazy results”

In a long and articulated post on his Facebook page, the mayor of Como, Alessandro Rapinese, intervenes on various hot topics of the city, first and foremost the Muggiò swimming pool. Then he talks about Budget, Politeama, single cooking point, schools, Ticosa, lakeside gardens, cleaning, bulkheads and much more. In short, a general point on the political-administrative activity of the last few months. We report the entire reflection [e per completezza di informazione coi lettori, visto che lo abbiamo segnalato in passato, dobbiamo evidenziare come il primo cittadino abbia deciso di sbloccare l’intera redazione di ComoZero che da oggi, o comunque da poco, può tornare a frequentare la sua pagina Fb (lo facevamo comunque, come evidente dalle cronache di questi mesi. Ma riconosciamo il gesto e lo interpretiamo come un segnale distensivo apprezzabile)].

This is the point of my program that talks about the Muggiò swimming pool.

IS what I have done and what I am doing. The ridiculous thing is that whoever made that plant go down the drain, not maintaining it for decades while he was busy devastating the city in every area, neglecting every relevant aspect, from the collection of taxes to the management of the heritage, today criticizes Rapinese because the The process that will lead to the reopening of Muggiò has not yet been completed. Among other things, those who criticize me pretend, with skills worthy of the best actors of the best theatres, not to know that during the first inspections it came to light that someone (before, during or after the elections?) had entered the Muggiò swimming pool and he had decapitated her (sabotage or theft?) by destroying the electrical system. Giving her the final blow. The political parties with their chronic fancazzismo, and the saboteurs and/or thieves who have completed the work, have reduced that pool to a sieve.

Speaking of the costs approved by the Giunta Landriscina for having a swimming pool as designed, when I took office they had already literally EXPLODED, and had nothing to do with what was budgeted, and the only viable way today to be able to afford to restore swimmable water for sportsmen from Como it is a makeover of the system by “lowering the air” (costs) because the MONEY THE CITY NEEDS to recover the situation in which the “appreciable” previous administrations handed it to me ARE MANY. Really a lot and if I spent the money on Muggiò that would be needed today for the Landriscina project, I simply couldn’t fix anything else.

So not a single day has passed since my inauguration that I haven’t been busy with for Muggiò, in the meantime, however, those same offices that should have embarked on the renovation of the swimming facility have literally been put under an infernal pressure by me to make so that the municipal administration of Como, making up for the incomprehensibly lost time, did not lose a single cent of the public funds at its disposal which were about to expire. In fact, we were extremely late both with the management of the funds deriving from the PNRR and with the regional ones on sport.

We’ve done a lot. Almost everything.
As at 31 December 2022, a very good part of the accumulated delays, combined with a budget approved in record time, a true record, have been disposed of and with the commitment that we will continue to make, I am sure that during the first half of 2023 we will completely eliminate, approximately the funding received, the shortcomings of the past. With the new year we will also have, again by my will, in order to have a more efficient municipality, a new manager dedicated to public works. The selection is in the final stages. I feel pity and compassion for those who, for shameful ends, are pretending not to understand, or worse, denying, that the Rapinese Administration is, every blessed day, spitting blood and achieving crazy results.

In fact, the Municipality had been talking about the purchase of the Politeama for decades and we have already resolved that matter very well (at very little expense), there was talk of TaRi evasion for decades and we have shown that the administration over the decades earlier could have done waaay more, the ex-wholesalers pavilion of the covered market had been talked about for decades and we, ready/go, financed it down to the last penny necessary (and it will soon be available to the people of Como), it had been for decades (three) who said that no one could ever have approved the budget in Como within the deadline that would have allowed the managers to be able to work in serenity all year round and we, ready/go, have achieved the goal easily within a few months after taking office (while we put out the fires that were blazing in every office here and there…).

I conclude.
There is no aspect of the administration that has not been considered in recent months and on which my team and I have not intervened, from the single point of cooking to the rationalization of educational institutions passing through the necessary outsourcing of services, safety, the arrangement of the Ex Ticosa, the lakeside gardens project, the cleaning of the city, an ever attentive eye to the bulkhead construction site, to the needs of our staff (and much more!!!) and, with the current planning deriving from daily work unprecedented in the history of Palazzo Cernezzi, I hope that the next mayor of Como, the one in 2027, always me of course, will find a different situation from the one in which Rapinese found himself. I also hope that the future mayor of Como will find a well-digitized municipality, a municipality that responds in no time to citizens’ requests, always solving their problems in no time. I’m working to ensure that the next mayor of Como finds a municipality with a well-mapped road and who already has all the tools to travel along it.

Becoming mayor of the beautiful city of Como was my dream as a child and I had that dream because I knew that once in government I would firmly oppose his enemies and put him back on track.
Step by step is exactly what is happening.

Rapinese, 6 months later: “2027, still me mayor. Muggiò swimming pool, fancazzismo of the parties. Ticosa, Budget, Politeama and Pnnr, we spit blood and crazy results” – ComoZero