Requested for the Lombardi di Airola professional technological option “Space”

The Province of Benevento asked the Regional Councilor of Campania at Scuola Lucia to approve the proposal of the training offer for the “Lombardi” Higher Education Institute of Airola with the activation on IPIA address of the “Spacial” technological professional option – experimental. With a note, the President of the Province Nino Lombardi, also in the name of the provincial councilor Antonello Laudanna, delegated to preside over the institutional technical table for the planning of the training offer for the 2023 / 2024 school year, requested that Resolution No. . 690 of 13 12 2022 of the Aampana Council which did not approve, in its entirety, the Programming Proposal of the Province of Benevento. In fact, the Region did not accept the proposal of the “Lombardi” Institute of Airola: the President Lombardi and the Councilor Laudanna instead confirmed the regularity of the procedure and the correctness in their entirety of the proposals formulated in the Programming of the educational offer of the Province of Benevento. In particular, the President and the Director reiterate the validity of the offer relating to the “Lombardi” Higher Education Institute of Airola. The proposal in question is, in fact, compliant with the spirit and the letter of the regulations in force which, wishing to favor the encounter and synergy between schools, the territory and society, recognize the active participation of local bodies in the consultation and dialogue procedure, extended to all the actors participating in the process of
training, because the Bodies themselves hold the skills for the socio-economic development of the territory having data and indicators available as well as direct knowledge of the vocations, traditions, opportunities and options available. The institutional Technical Table, which was attended by the Director of the Provincial Education Office, carried out a transparent and effective system of concertation on the basis of the proposals of the new programming of the Educational Offer formulated by the Higher Education Institutions. Not all of these proposals were approved by the Provincial Technical Table: the unfavorable opinions were justified, indicating, when appropriate, that the rules and Guidelines were not being respected or, as if any acceptance would have resulted in «a excessive fragmentation of the training offer on the territory with the duplication of addresses with negative effects of competitiveness and dispersion of the offer”. The proposal formulated for the “Lombardi” of Airola is, however, perfectly in line with the regulatory provisions and the expression of the favorable opinion has matured on the assumption, in the records, of the declaration of the USP Manager who noted «that it has already been presented request to the relevant Ministry of Education
to start the authorization process”. The proposal contained in the resolution of the Province of Benevento intends to overcome the distance present in the Sannio between the School and the territory. It is worth remembering here that, in the industrial area of ​​Airola, there is a productive pole operating in the Italian aeronautical and space industry which stands out for its significant content of process and product innovation in the field of best traditions of industry in the Sannio area, always historically distinguished by peaks of excellence at national and international level.
Therefore, Lombardi and Laudanna argue, allowing the Airola High School to train students (also) for the “Space” technological professional option would translate into an opportunity for a possible “on-site” job opportunity for boys and girls of the same Airola and the neighboring towns of Valle Caudina, thus avoiding a new drain of brains and energies towards other territorial areas, as has unfortunately been recorded for some time in the marginal areas of the Apennine ridge. From these considerations the request for revision of the regional decision.

Requested for the Lombardi di Airola professional technological option “Space” – experimental.