Rovigo, students shoot teacher in class: Valditara summons the principal for a “report on the facts”

Now the Minister of Education and Merit thinks about it, Joseph Vallettarato address the issue at the institute “Viola-Marchesini” by I rovigo where some boys shot a teacher with an air pistol, hitting her in the eye and head with rubber pellets. The professor of Roman law did not limit himself to the usual solidarity phone call (however made) but summoned the manager for Tuesday 24 January in viale Trastevere Isabella Sgarbi to which he asked a “relation official and detailed of the facts, of the context in which they are accrued and the participation of parents to the educational path of children”. Valditara wants to get his hands on it himself by announcing “consequent decisions on the matter”.

The facts date back to 11 October 2022 but have emerged in recent days because following the suspension carried out by the School council for the whole class, a parent He had done appeal and won it on a procedural flaw. The teacher Maria Luisa Finattiwho teaches science and biology, had also sued all 24 students in that class for the crimes of personal injury, contempt and public official, defamation through social media and persecution.

To recall the chronicle of the story is the lawyer Tosca Sambibellodefender of the teacher who al explains: “We wanted this case not to fall on deaf ears. The first shot was fired at the beginning of the hour, they were all accomplices with i desks arranged in a strange way. No one is dissociated, our client could not even leave the classroom. Eventually they shot her again.” The video of the attack was posted on Tik Tok and also the mayor of I rovigo had intervened to express solidarity with the teacher. The professor in an interview with Republic he explained: “They had the courage to shoot me twice, once at the beginning of the lesson and then again at the end. Four or five pellets, they hit me in the cheekbone. And all for what? To gain followers on Instagram And TikTok. I left the classroom crying”.

The boy who shot and the one who filmed had had gods disciplinary proceedings and the principal had commented: “As teachers, we are more than alarmed from an educational point of view, because the kids have not perceived the disvalue of their gesture, they reacted as if it were a game. It came to pupils of a first class, therefore young, who also reported themselves. They don’t come from families with hardship, they are normal kids. They just took it as a game. But they mocked a public officialthey have not understood the scale of values”.

And now Valditara is ready to take matters into his own hands: “Firmly counter the bullying and the violence at school and restoring the culture of respect in the classroom are two priorities of my action. Without them there can be no one system school worthy of the name”. From the legal of the professor who still don’t have anything in hand tar however, there is satisfaction with the minister’s stance: “Unfortunately the manager he didn’t let us have the copy of the Suspension or the cancellation of court, but thanks to the press the minister was solicited to finally take care of things that happen even far from Rome”. Instead, it is useless to try to talk to the principal that with a message telephone let it be known: “The question is rather delicate, complex and already in the hands of the investigators. I therefore believe that, for the protection of all the personal and ours schoolthe students and of all the players in the field, it is time to suspend further declarations and let the competent subjects work”.

Rovigo, students shoot teacher in class: Valditara summons the principal for a “report on the facts” – Il Fatto Quotidiano