Saturday 7 January In Spongano The Free Show “Rosa”

SPONGANO (Lecce) – Saturday 7 January, 18:30, in Spongano Youth aggregation center Via Pio XII. The Municipality of Spongano and Ultimi Fuochi Teatro join forces to start the new year with joy by hosting ROSA, a show suitable for everyone created and interpreted by Teresa Bruno and directed by André Casaca performed in Italy and abroad.

Free entry. Reservations are strongly recommended on 3881271999

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directed by André Casaca

drama consultancy Aurélia Dedieu external view Stefano Marzuoli and Nina LanzI lighting design Luca Carbone technician Nicolas Baggi costumes Federica Novelli and Vanna Vezzosi graphics Santiago Baculima production Teatro C’art Comic Education

Duration 55 minutes

Show suitable for ages 3 to 99

Technique: clown, dance, song, mime

On stage a woman. Clown. Alone. Or maybe not. Rose.

Can a woman provoke, seduce, command, make an audience laugh, educate those in front of her, free herself from entanglements and hindrances, play at being other than herself, also appropriate a masculine energy and in this game continue to have fun while maintaining a punctual attention to the public in front of him? Can a woman simply take off some clothes (laid by who knows who!) And put on others? Becoming a clown to give voice to the hidden desire to be a child, climb, dominate and tame strange animals of her imagination, then bring out all her authentic femininity and blossom, leaving the audience almost dismayed as she performs showing her singing skills and power of the steps of the Flamenco. “Rosa” is this and more, a provocative show that moves on the thin but solid thread of comedy. A simple and surreal scenography and a few props, which become at times accomplices at times enemies of Rosa, objects distorted in their daily ordinariness by the gaze of the clown. The same gaze that transports the viewer of all ages into new worlds, enraptured by the body of a woman who advances, inexorably, performing her bizarre but engaging reckless evolutions.

A series of comic gags, from which the funny and at the same time delicate side of the human being emerges. A show where the rhythm is the carpet over which the wishes of the protagonist flow, imbued with a non-verbal language, a grammelot, which speaks to everyone. Rosa plays with her body at 360°, alternating clownish slips and falls with splashes and screams of voice in various languages, runaway flamenco steps with precarious balances, and then improvisations and poetry, all in the shadow of a giant coat hanger. to which hang the wacky ideas of a woman.

Rosa arrives on tiptoe and then finishes and leaves, leaving a huge void and the desire for the game to never end!


Teresa Bruno actress, clown, theater researcher and educator is one of the founders, in 2002, of the company and the cultural space Teatro C’art. She began her training as a gymnast in 1991 and in 1999 the theater training with André Casaca with whom she still collaborates. She continues her training in physical theatre, mime and clown with: Yves Lebreton, Philippe Gaulier, Jos Houben, Lume Teatro Brasile, Paco Gonzales-Famiglie Floz; on dance with: Raquel Hirson Scotti- Lume Teatro, Sabrina Cunha, Marigia Maggipinto of the Pina Baush company, Atsushi dance Butoh, flamenco dance Pilar Carmona; on the voice with: Daniela Soria, Monica Scifo and Ida Maria Tosto singers and pedagogues of the functional method of Gisela Rohmert. To learn more about Rohmert’s method, she began training at the Istituto Modai in Turin at the end of 2015. She has been on the stage as an actress and clown since 2000 with the shows “The Death Penalty”, “The Dance of Eirene”, “The Labyrinth”, “Blind Tango”; since 2005 she has been in the productions of the Teatro C’art: “Famiglia Vagalume”, “Matrimonio Italiano”, “Noise talent show”. In 2012 she created her first clown solo Rosa. Hers are works that prefer non-verbal comic language. Since 2004 you have been coordinating training projects by applying the “Comic-Relational Education” Methodology devised by Casaca, in numerous compulsory schools in Italy, international cooperation projects in Brazil, in Cape Verde. To date around 17,000 people including children, teenagers, adults and the disabled have had the opportunity to participate in the training activity she carried out in school and non-scholastic settings, day centres, family homes, for small circus operators. Since 2016 she has been bringing two training courses for adults to various Italian cities, one focused on expressiveness and body readiness and the other on clowning. Assistant director of Casaca’s last shows, actress in the comedy and puppet show “Retro ‘Gold”, she is also part of the Turin company, Le Due un Quarto.

With “ROSA” he made his debut in April 2012 at the Teatro del Popolo in Castelfiorentino (FI), and so far he has repeated in Italy and abroad in theater and circus reviews, in major theaters and festivals, including: Teatro delle Challenges of Bientina, Utopia of Good Taste in Capannoli (PI), Teatro Sacro Cuore di Busto Garolfo in Milan for Women In Song Festival, in Bellaria (Rimini) Street Art Festival, in the Suspended Loads competition (Padua), at the International Festival of Contemporary Circus Cirk Fantastik in Florence, at the Regina Margherita Theater in Certaldo, at the C’art Theater, at the Rebis Production Temporary Clown Review in Turin, at the Laura Betti Theater in Casalecchio, at the Equilibri Festival, with the Toscana Entertainment Foundation in various Tuscan theaters , at the Mirabilia Contemporary Circus Festival in Fossano, at the OFF Mimos Festival in France.


The C’art Comic Education association and theater company was founded in 2002 by André Casaca, Teresa Bruno, Stefano Marzuoli, Irene Guidi and Anna Draghi, artists with a training based on the research of gestures, comic expressiveness through the comic figure of the Clown . Today it boasts a twenty-year tradition of physical theater and non-verbal comedy. In recent years, his artistic and pedagogical conception has allowed the birth and development of research and training paths rooted in the deconstruction of ordinary or predictable gestures, and in the affirmation of identification as the fulcrum of the Company’s comic-corporeal work. Since 2007, the C’Art Theater has also been a physical space, in Castelfiorentino (FI), a Cultural Center that welcomes various activities: training, theater production, set design warehouse, library and video library specializing in comic theatre, has a where a theater season is organized and hosts artistic residencies, it is the headquarters for the offices as well as the legal headquarters. A real “Art Factory which, over the years, has become a center for theatrical research and study on pedagogy; a cultural and social point of reference not only for the Tuscan territory, but also for the national territory, the team of actors and actresses of the C’art, in recent years, has produced shows of great national and international resonance. The productions have been repeated in festivals and theaters in Italy and beyond, tours in Switzerland, Germany, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Ethiopia and Cape Verde. In Brazil they performed at the International Clown Festival in Campinas, the International Circus Festival and the Janeiro de Grandes Espetáculos Recife Festival, the Anjos do Picadeiro Rio de Janeiro Festival. The C’art Theater won the Circus AWARD at the World Festival of Creativity in Schools, Sanremo in May 2008, until it also received financial recognition with the victory, in 2017, of the Funder 35 tender.

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Saturday 7 January In Spongano The Free Show “Rosa” – Corriere Salentino Lecce