School coexistence agreements in Córdoba

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Taking as a reference the 76 school institutions of the municipal education system (38 kindergartens and 38 schools), 2022 closes with 38 School Coexistence Agreements (AEC) reviewed and approved based on the work of the educational community as a whole: Supervisors, Technical Teams, Managers, Teachers, Families, Students, among others.

Therefore, 50 percent of the institutions have already approved their AEC to be implemented in 2023.

The rest of the School Coexistence Agreements are in the following condition: 4 were observed to be reviewed and delivered in February, while the remaining 34 are in the process of being built.

The School Coexistence Agreements (AEC) are an essential device in every educational institution because they contain the guidelines for the promotion and approach of relationships, ties and conflict situations at school. Knowing them, discussing them and internalizing them requires a constant work of revision and analysis.

The process of elaboration of the AEC began at the end of 2021 and continued at the beginning of 2022, through actions aimed at communication, reflection and debate of ideas among the actors involved.

Initially, the current regulatory framework was read, that is, Law 26,892 on Approaching Conflict in Educational Institutions. In a subsequent instance, Resolution 558 of the Ministry of Education was analyzed, which approves the documents related to the guidelines and criteria for the elaboration of School Coexistence Agreements at the Initial and Primary Level at the provincial level; here also took place the approach of Resolution 252/21 of the Secretary of Education of the Municipality of Córdoba, which frames, enables and prescribes the elaboration of the AEC.

The working days were thought to be led by professionals from the Interdisciplinary Team of the Directorate of Socio-educational Strengthening, summoning in the first instance the management teams of both levels. Then intra-institutional conferences were held with the entire teaching and non-teaching staff, to later involve the families. The process did not end there, since thanks to different strategies the participation of the students was encouraged and promoted, be it from the smallest of the initial level to the sixth grade students of the municipal system.

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The Secretary of Education, Horace Ferreyra held that “This is a milestone, the construction of the AEC in all educational institutions dependent on the municipality of Córdoba because in the current scenarios and territories, it is necessary to achieve a peaceful, collaborative, respectful and committed coexistence.”

The director of socio-educational strengthening Alice LaTerzaclarified regarding the elaboration of such agreements: “By February 28, we will have prepared all the AECs, conceived as official documents built with the participation of the school community and containing the rules to guide and regulate interpersonal relationships.”

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