the 2022 report of the Department of Labor Policies and Productive Activities

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– We receive and publish the 2022 report of the Department of Labor Policies and Productive Activities of the councilor Annalisa Cerretani.

“Another year has passed in which we have worked a lot on labor policies and productive activities. 365 days ago we left each other with expectations and projects that were absolutely centered on the year 2022 that just ended.
On the other hand, the Director Dr. Giovanni Della Casa and Dr. Fabio Ragonese who manage the Europe Office/Special Projects/Labor Policies and Productive Activities (which I am pleased to share with my colleague Ing. Luciani) are for the Organization the spearhead for projects based on funding deriving from European, national and regional programs which also involve other actors in the area. It is only and exclusively thanks to them that the Municipality of Fermo can boast of being an avant-garde, competent and far-sighted Municipality on these issues, monitoring and anticipating, for example, the issuing of tenders which are precious for the area, only if, activated promptly both in management and in programming such as: the next urban ITIs and all the new POR FESR 2021-2027 programming, regional tenders, etc.

It deserves close attention to the fact that in the year 2022, again with the funds of the POR FESR 2014-2020 we completed a very important operation for the revitalization of the local economy, through the assignment of non-repayable contributions for about 1, 7 million euros to over one hundred companies based and operating in the Municipality of Fermo. Support for SMEs was deliberately dedicated to relaunching the competitiveness of key production sectors for our area (footwear-fashion, commerce, tourism), by financing projects for the creation of new businesses (14 new openings of operating offices in the municipal area) , the development of new products and services capable of having an impact on employment (as many as 88 new hires expected by the beneficiary companies following the investments made). A mammoth operation that is not absolutely obvious if it is implemented in the world of work by an institution such as the Municipality.

Meanwhile, which began last year, the recovery works of the “Ex Mercato Coperto”, the subject of funding under the ITI Urbani 2014-2020 and destined to become, once the works are completed in mid-2023, must be dispatched driving force behind employment and productive activity policies; with exhibition spaces, training rooms, rooms and services reserved for innovative start-ups; a sort of real Palazzo del Lavoro in the heart of the historical centre, precious for the whole city capable of attracting interest also at a regional and national level. In fact, the FERMOTECH Laboratory, the advanced research center, will find its definitive headquarters inside the city of Fermo in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Ancona and the University of Camerino and the partnership of 8 companies, 6 of which from the area ( Savelli Ascensori, Vega, Elisabet shoe factory, Bros Manifatture, Santoni, Valtenna) and 2 from outside (More and Morphica).

In July 2022, on the occasion of the laboratory’s first year of life, the first 6 research projects carried out by Fermotech were presented on the basis of the needs identified by the partner companies and aimed at introducing innovative technological solutions in the production phases. The projects were conducted by 6 researchers specifically hired as part of the project and by 3 other administrative and marketing support figures with whom it was also possible to achieve the goal for 2022 of increasing employment that the institution had set itself with this project. During 2023 Fermotech will definitively settle in the new headquarters and will certainly consolidate its role as a research hub at the service of companies in the area and beyond.

And another flagship from 2022 was all the work done to obtain accreditation from the Region for our institution to carry out vocational guidance and training activities. This result obtained is also the result of a project that the European Office / Special Projects / Labor Policies and Productive Activities has achieved after a long phase of preparation of all the necessary documentation which was followed in December by the communication of regional accreditation which will allow, starting this year, the possibility of autonomously planning and managing vocational training interventions aimed at citizens looking for a new job, as well as young people or people in fragile conditions or the same employees of organizations and companies that need new qualifying paths . The devotion of this institution and this office to labor policies with this operation is clear. In fact, only 5 Municipalities in the Marche (obviously the largest) have gone so far as to have obtained this important recognition like us. At this point the role of the Municipality will be strong as a promoter of territorial economic development and also, too important not to be seized, the opportunity to be able to directly manage, within the programming of the funds of the POR ESF 2021/2027, resources and projects for the creation of training courses consistent with the needs expressed by the territory.
In addition, in collaboration with the Tourism Department, the “Fermo City Ambassador” project is continuing, which promotes synergies and common projects developed by “excellent” Fermo citizens residing in Italy and around the world in various sectors ranging from cinema to urban planning , to the economy, the world of education and human resources. In 2022, the first network of “ambassadors” was set up and work was done on the innovations that will come to life this year. This fascinating project presented within the Tipicità event which was highly appreciated for an emotional video of the actors and connections from outside.
Last but absolutely not in order of importance, the project dedicated to the fight against early school leaving and orientation, both incoming and outgoing. Project involving local schools, the Province of Fermo and the XIX, XX and XXIV territorial areas which, through a series of working tables, led to the definition of a draft of a “Territorial Network Agreement for the containment of early school leaving and for orientation” and which in 2023 foresees a series of actions to more effectively promote the educational offer of the territory and improve the ability to respond to the fragility that with the pandemic have aggravated the phenomenon of early school leaving .
Much more work awaits us for this new year, challenging and full of opportunities for our citizens whether they are engaged in the world of work or school.
Obviously, I thank my team who are always attentive, professionally ready and available to carry out the mission that every institution should have, namely that of providing efficient and decisive services”.

the 2022 report of the Department of Labor Policies and Productive Activities