The history of the Roma people: award

Friday 27 January at 21 and at 10.30 for schools, at the Iris Theater in Dronero, for the “Stella Madre” theater season organized by Santibriganti Teatro in the Civic Theaters of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, the show “Il circo upside down”, winner of countless awards including best playwriting, best actor and audience award at the Rome Fringe Festival. The event is part of the initiatives of the Municipality of Dronero for the Day of Remembrance.

A Teatro delle Temperie production in collaboration with Teatro dell’Argine, by and with an exceptional performer, Andrea Lupo, directed by Andrea Paolucci. Freely based on the homonymous novel by Milena Magnani.

Two parallel but closely intertwined stories, that of Branko and that of his grandfather Nap’apò, two generations of Roma in this Europe where nomadic ethnic groups have lived and still live separate lives. One generation ended up in concentration camps, the next in Roma camps on the outskirts of big cities. Branko Hrabal fleeing Hungary takes refuge in a Roma camp in Italy. He brings with him what remains of the famous circus inherited from his grandfather, whose activity was interrupted during the Second World War, when the Nazis exterminated all the artists. In the camp he finds a group of children who force him to tell the story of that circus, which is the story of his family and which is, in short, the story of Europe from which we all descend.

Branko thus finds himself retracing the history of his family, from the joy and amazement that the circus knew how to bring around, up to the escape, deportations, imprisonment and extermination. Seven children listen to him with eyes full of enchantment and a new hope of redemption and happiness.

“A vortex in which memory, belonging, blood are mixed with war, deportations, betrayals, escapes and revenge. A moving and captivating show. Fable, confession, family epic, Collective history. In which the tragic events narrated acquire a particular light, through the filter of the curious and enchanted gaze of the children and the looming presence of the magic of the “szerelem”; that love for art that from the veins of the Hrabal lineage comes directly to those of the spectators, creating a connection and a unique atmosphere, which leaves its mark on everyone.”

Tickets available online at or at the cashier opening one hour before the show.

Friday 27 January at 21 at the Teatro Iris in Dronero
Matinee for schools at 10.30

The upside down circus
loosely based on the novel by Milena Magnani
by and with Andrea Lupo
directed by Andrea Paulucci
original music by David Sarnelli
a Teatro delle Temperie production
in collaboration with Teatro dell’Argine
winner of the Roma Fringe Festival 2017 edition: BEST DRAMATURGY, BEST ACTOR AND PUBLIC AWARD

winner of the Palio Ermo Colle 2020: PUBLIC AWARD
winner of the Mauro Rostagno 2021 award: PUBLIC AWARD

The 2023 “Stella Madre” theater season of the Civic Theaters of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, organized by Santibriganti Teatro, was created with the support of the Municipalities of Caraglio, Busca and Dronero, the CRC Foundation, the CRT Foundation and the Piedmont Region.

In collaboration with Torino Fringe Festival, In-Box Verde, ARCI, Terres and Teatranza.
Santibriganti Teatro adheres to the Culture Emergency Committee.


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School matinees €7
As you want me 10 (10 entries) €100
As you want me 5 (5 admissions) €55

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The history of the Roma people: award-winning show at the Iris Theater in Dronero – – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo