The illusion of the Three Kings is lived in À Punt with a special program

The Valencian public television has prepared a special program for the kings weekthe last of the school holidays, which come loaded with interesting proposals for adults and children.

On Thursday, January 5 in the morning, the youth mini-series premieres ‘mópies’ (Ele geminate) starting at 11:30 a.m., from Thursday to Saturday, and ending on Sunday at 11:15 a.m.

‘Mòpies’ is set in Mallorca and consists of 4 episodes. A bet by IB3, À Punt and TV3 with a cast headed by the Catalan Valèria Sorolla, together with the Mallorcan Alba Brunet, who will be accompanied by Balearic, Catalan and Valencian actors and actresses such as Santi Pons, Isabel Requena or Anna Berenguer. The fiction series has been directed by Lluís Prieto with the Majorcan production company Espaitemps and with the participation of the Valencian production company Barret Cooperativa.

the magic show magnificent will offer a Christmas special starting at 4:15 p.m. The afternoon will continue with the concert that the musician Daniel Miquel offered to the Principal Theater of Valencia on December 11 to present his work ‘Volem’, a scenic proposal of music, fun and imagination. A concert in which she reviewed her classics and in which the Feretes de La Colla participated along with other distinguished guests.

Starting at 6:00 p.m., the À Punt cameras will travel to Alcoy to offer the Three Kings Parade live until 9:00 p.m. A broadcast that will be conducted by journalists from Alcoy Ferran Cano and Reis Juan with all the technical means of public television to bring the magic and illusion of those who live this children’s party through the eyes of the little ones.

After the News NTC Nit, the first program of the new À Punt contest starts Tresor or Trasto. Every week, a couple of contestants will fight to win the maximum prize of 20,000 euros in a new program presented by the comedian Eugeni Alemany and in which the expert and graduate in Art History, Arabella León, will also participate. After this special Three Kings, on the 13th the program joins the À Punt programming on Friday nights.

For the dessert on Three Kings Day, from 4:00 p.m., À Punt bets on the film ‘Heidi’a version of the literary classic from the 70s, which was a well-known children’s animation series, now in a movie version, to remember it with the family.

Heidi is an eight-year-old orphan raised by her grandfather in the Swiss mountains. Together with her friend Pedro the goatherd, she takes care of her grandfather’s herd and enjoys freedom in the mountains. But one day, Aunt Dete decides to take her to Frankfurt so that she can be educated with a wealthy family. There she will make friends with the invalid daughter of the family, Clara.

For Friday night, starting at 9:45 p.m., À Punt premieres ‘The xiquet and the Beast’, the first anime by Mamoru Hosoda that competed at the San Sebastian Festival in 2015. This animated film won the Best Asian Film Award, the Soundtrack Award, and the Best Japanese Film Award at the CineAsia Awards. It presents a story of coming of age and father-son relationships through the story of Kyuta, a lonely boy living in Tokyo, and Kumatetsu, a supernatural creature isolated in a fantastic world. One day, the boy crosses the border into the other world and befriends Kumatetsu, who becomes his friend and spiritual guide.

The weekend still has more family proposals in store for us, such as the special dedicated to the unforgettable Valencian comedian Luis Sánchez Polack, ‘Tip’ within the contest Catch me if you pot with Oscar Tramoyeres. It will be on Saturday from 10 p.m., with which the weekly themed programs return, in prime time, of the fun contest that teaches and entertains us every day from the Valencian public television after-dinner.

The illusion of the Three Kings is lived in À Punt with a special program