The province is at the forefront of the country with the new laws of Social Economy and Microcredit

“These facts once again position the province in a vanguard place in the country in terms of public policies in the Social Economy. In addition, we are one of the few provinces that has its own regulations on microcredits. The update of the Social Economy law that was sanctioned 10 years ago, will allow reaching many more people in order to improve the quality of life of all Entre Ríos “, considered the Secretary of Social Economy, Luis Precerutti.

One of the fundamental points that Law No. 10,151 acquires in its update is that it stopped considering the subject of the social economy under the concept of social vulnerability, towards a vision that contemplates all “human persons and/or associative groups that base their actions in development strategies based on the generation of opportunities and the promotion of economic relations with a human rights perspective, in which the dignity of people is prioritized over profit, also based on the concept of local development, in the social integration and sustainable development. An economy where people are not a disposable and easily changeable human resource, but are protagonists and participants in the construction of the present and future of a more inclusive and egalitarian society”.

In this sense, the norm explicitly incorporates other actors, such as local governments, universities, clubs, educational institutions, school cooperatives, Popular Economy movements, responsible consumption networks, community media, environmental organizations, disability organizations, alternative recreation, community tourism, native communities, trade associations, local development, savings, housing, cultural and artistic, community centers, soup kitchens, social and labor workshops, LGBT+ organizations, free organizations of the people without profit, health groups and third age. It is about all those who, ultimately, contribute to the great objective of the law, which is to improve the quality of life of all Entre Ríos.

Meanwhile, Microcredit Law No. 11,019 allows the creation of agile and transparent mechanisms for the execution of revolving funds to municipalities and civil society organizations in order to provide this powerful Social Economy tool to entrepreneurs.

The implementation of microcredit programs allows a process of collective construction, provides a mechanism for improvement, inclusion and support for family businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs based on their own strength, the will to transform and community organization. It allows the consolidation of a network of ties of solidarity and trust through its implementation methodology.

(Ministry of Social Development Press)

The province is at the forefront of the country with the new laws of Social Economy and Microcredit – News – Secretariat of Communication of the Province of Entre Ríos