The province will tender the work of the De la Canal school, but there are no certainties about the modular classrooms

Two months ago, the confirmation that De la Canal Secondary School 13 was finally going to have its new building, after years of struggle and claims, generated great expectations in the rural community, which also clamored for building improvements to the establishments. of the other levels. The failures around the infrastructure, due to the passing of the years and the lack of maintenance, caused painful situations in the educational institutions.

However, the latest news on the subject revealed some modifications by the provincial authorities in the original project, which plans an investment of more than 176 million pesos in three stages. The comprehensive proposal includes the construction of new facilities and the reconditioning of the current building.

The work that had been truncated in 2019 and that had not finished materializing in the new management, will be launched next March, within the framework of the Special Educational Emergency Program (PEED) of the Buenos Aires Government.

For this, with the authorized plans, the Buenos Aires General Directorate of Culture and Education will call for bids in the coming days, with a view to starting the work in the third month of the year.

In the first instance, the parties had agreed that the Tandil School Council would tender the work and would also be in charge of dripping the funds, but now the responsibility fell on the provincial sphere, a change that produced some anxiety in the actors involved.

The project

According to the project prepared by the Undersecretariat of School Infrastructure of the Province, the three establishments in the town -Kindergarten 921, Elementary School 15 and Secondary School 13- will be communicated from the new spaces that will be built.

Thus, the main design approach sought to define a circulation axis to link the buildings and sectorize patios of each raised educational area (initial, primary and secondary), so that they serve as shelter considering the adverse climatic conditions of the place.

Likewise, the new work also contemplates the construction of a SUM; 6 classrooms for Secondary; administrative sector; sanitary group with toilet for the disabled; and a patio area. Meanwhile, for the primary institution, the architects determined the construction of four flexible classrooms, administrative sector, bathroom battery and patio. In addition, the library will be linked to the circulatory axis and to the access plaza, so that it can be used by all students.

Simultaneously, the design provides for the refunctionalization and conditioning of the building currently occupied by Elementary School 15, in order to move the initial level there. Consequently, two classrooms, a flexible space for recreational activities, administrative sector, bathrooms, kitchen and playground will be set up.

And, finally, a security fence will also be made in the sector to be built and doors will be placed that open in favor of the direction of evacuation, in line with current regulations.

modular classrooms

The estimated construction period is 360 days, meaning that, barring any inconveniences, the new facilities will only be operational to start the school year in 2024. Consequently, this year the students will face the start of classes under identical infrastructure conditions. than the previous one.

On top of that, there are still no responses from the provincial Executive about the modular classrooms requested to improve the permanence of minors in the aforementioned educational institutions.

Within this framework, the provincial director of Planning, Project and Monitoring of Works, Natalia Labonia, in the meeting she held with the president of the local school portfolio, Fabián Riva, and with members of the De la Canal educational community last November , promised to enable the modular classrooms in the shortest possible time, but they reported that there were still no movements in that regard.

Although classes will begin on March 1, the School Council stated that it is necessary for the structures to arrive as soon as possible in order to place and adapt them accordingly.

The province will tender the work of the De la Canal school, but there are no certainties about the modular classrooms