The startup studio PyratzLabs launches a school dedicated to Web3

Web3 is more and more talked about. The fall of the crypto market in 2022 may have slowed recruitment for a time, or even led to layoffs among certain players, but a longer-term dynamic seems to have been set in motion. And companies in the sector are always looking for a qualified workforce. This is why the startup studio PyratzLabs launched a new school on Wednesday, dedicated to Web3, that is to say everything that refers to the decentralized Web, based on blockchain technology.

baptized Blockchain Business School (BBS), it should welcome a first cohort of students in March, in premises of 1,000 square meters in Levallois-Perret, for a three-month training focused on technical skills but also business. “Blockchain applications require a certain transversality of skills which is very hard to find. It is in this spirit that the BBS wants to form complete profiles that understand all the layers to be implemented for the success of a Web project.”, explains Bilal El Alamy, CEO of PyratzLabs. Two courses are offered, one to become “tech lead”, the other “blockchain product manager”.

“We are committed to placing our students in companies”

With six hours of lessons per week, this training aims to provide a foundation of knowledge to students, who will then have the opportunity to do an internship to perfect their knowledge and fit into the Web3 environment. “We offer a very practical course, with masterclasses from personalities in the sector and support at the end of the training. We are committed to placing our students in companies”, assures Christophe Debonneuil, educational director of the school, also responsible for training on the blockchain at the OECD.

The first cohort, bringing together 50 students, will be sponsored by Sébastien Borget, co-founder of the metaverse The Sandbox. PyratzLabs intends to use its new school as a breeding ground for recruiting while the startup studio plans to hire another 30 to 40 additional people this year. It now supports nearly thirty entrepreneurs and young companies, such as Equisafe, Dogami Where Lezar. So many players to whom future students will have privileged access.

This training, the cost of which still amounts to 3,999 euros, payable in four instalments, is open to everyone: employees in post or in professional retraining, entrepreneurs, students. Recruitment is mainly done through telephone interviews and personality tests. Applicants can obtain funding via their professional training account (CPF), regional aid or even Pôle Emploi.

Already other blockchain training

The Blockchain Business School is not alone. There is already another school specializing in blockchain in France: Alira, created in 2018, which offers 100% distance learning. “Grandes écoles and engineering schools are also starting to offer courses on the Web3, but these are essentially introductions to the subject.”, recalls Stanislas Barthelemi, consultant at KPMG’s Blockchain Partner firm. “There is room for a second blockchain school because we are in an emerging sector. Startups in the ecosystem, but also large groups and banks will recruit”, he adds.

“The arrival of a new school shows that there is a need for training on the market”, comments Jérémy Wauquier, president of Alyra.

From the start of the school year in September, the Blockchain Business School would like to offer longer training, this time for one year, on a work-study basis. In the meantime, she is working to ensure that the diploma awarded at the end of her three-month training is recognized by the State. Students in the first cohort will in any case receive a skills certificate in the form of an NFT.

The startup studio PyratzLabs launches a school dedicated to Web3