The Verdi di Gorizia season restarts with Lino Guanciale | Friuli

Resumes with Linen Jowls the 2022/2023 artistic season of the Teatro Verdi: a few days before the eagerly awaited broadcast of the third series of La Porta Rossa, a fiction shot in Trieste in which he stars, the actor from Abruzzo will be in Gorizia on Friday 13 January at 8.45 pm with Europeana , a succession of remnants, shreds, flashes from twentieth-century European history. Co-production Wrong Child Production and Mittelfest2021, in collaboration with Ljubljana Festival, the show will open the bill of the new Verdi Racconta itinerary.

Like a reporter who came from another planet or from the future, who came to collect shreds of European civilization in the most contradictory of its centuries, the Prague-based Patrik Ourednik crosses the twentieth century with his Europeana, casually passing from the use of gas in the trenches of the Great War on the invention of the bra, from the Normandy landings to the appearance of refrigerators and hair dryers. The result is a tale of our recent past, terrible and funny at the same time, incredible and simple, where exceptionality and frivolity all find their place.

Lino Guanciale takes Ourednik’s stream of episodes and stories and transforms them in a big breath, into a sentence that lasts for a show, where one passes in one fell swoop from tragedy to farce and vice versa. He does it in dialogue with the accordion of the Slovenian Marko Hatlak and his intelligent and amused musical counterpoint, made up of other fragments that recall further stories.

The ticket office, in via Garibaldi 2/a (tel. 0481 383601), is open from Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 pm and Saturday from 10.30 to 12.30. On the days when the shows are held, tickets for the evening’s event can be purchased at the ticket office from 8pm until the beginning of the performance. Online tickets are available on Vivaticket.

From the notes of Lino Guanciale: “Reading Europeana immediately catches the eye this masterly ability, indeed lucidity of synthesis, with which Ourednik manages to present, condensed into a handful of pages, a vast series of events of the 20th century. The other striking thing is then the sagacity with which the writer puts together, easily combines some of the crudest events of the twentieth century with what, apparently, may seem frivolous folds of him. It is therefore on the surface, on the linguistic front, that Europeana reveals its strength and peculiarity, even that of a theatrical object. After all, it is in the language that a textual machine offers its potential for the theatre, as an organism that must be decoded in order to then draw from it a precise interpretative, acting and staging direction. There is an enormous need for a story in Europeana, put in order in the form of a very particular style, which however is the most necessary expression of the very substance of this story. If you look carefully, the list of facts, things and people gradually generates an enormous library, an immense landfill, or rather the crucible of a volcano into which the entire twentieth century plunges and stirs itself. All Europeana is a discourse to the future, where the author has assumed both the point of view of an alien, who is watching us thousands of kilometers from the earth, and of a man of tomorrow, to whom to deliver a message in the bottle. However, this message is unfinished, it is the story of an unfinished century, still in search of new coordinations”.

Born in Avezzano in 1979, after a few rugby careers, Lino Guanciale graduated in 2003 from the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts, obtaining the Gassman Award as the best student of the last ten years. At the theater, he worked first with Gigi Proietti, then with Claudio Longhi and Franco Branciaroli, collaborating in his career with some of the most important names on the Italian stage. Since 2005, he has supported his work in the theater by teaching and scientific-theatrical dissemination in secondary schools and universities. He made his film debut in 2008, playing Mozart in Io, Don Giovanni by Carlos Saura. On TV he starred in the TV dramas The secret of water, the three seasons of Una grande famiglia and some highly successful series broadcast on Rai (God help us 2 and 3, the two seasons of Don’t tell my boss and La porta red, the three seasons of L’Allieva). In 2015 he received the Flaiano Prize as revelation character of the Italian show.

Marko Hatlak is a Slovenian accordionist, known for his lively and passionate performances and for the wide variety of musical genres he loves to explore, from baroque to contemporary music, tango, ethnic to jazz. His musical journey begins at the age of six, in Idrija, in the musical school of his hometown. After graduating from the Ljubljana Conservatory he continued his studies in Germany. He has shared the stage with numerous other renowned soloists, ensembles, orchestras and conductors, who have valued his unique and distinctive approach.

A season full of emotions, with names of great appeal, including prestigious artists and international companies. 27 shows that will be staged in a single evening in the program that has been prepared by the artistic director, Walter Mramor. Prose, with eight performances, will range from classical theater to contemporary dramaturgy, the Music and ballet itinerary, with six appointments, will be very varied and will pass from musical theater to dance, with new collaborations with the excellence of the area. The Events, six in all, will have an unprecedented subdivision into three sections, namely Musical, Fun and Family, the latter with two Sunday Afternoons, to open the Theater even in the early evening and involve families precisely. The season is also enriched by a new captivating section, Verdi Racconta, in which three great personalities will be the protagonists.

Finally, the space aimed at children and teenagers, which has always been highly appreciated, has not only been confirmed, but actually expanded: the four Young appointments will be joined by theatrical visits to introduce the little ones to the magic of the Theater.

The Verdi di Gorizia season restarts with Lino Guanciale | Friuli