The Wednesday series on Netflix proves that a spin

Wednesday and Harry Potter would have things in common! Fans of the Netflix series are on a new track!

Wednesday and Harry Potter wouldn’t be so different according to some theories which agitate the canvas. First, we put you on the track…

Wednesday and Harry Potter, apparent commonalities

Wednesday and Harry Potter are cult characters! The Netflix series has become a global phenomenon. No one predicted this success! She would have accumulated more than 341.23 million hours viewing at the end of November. And is positioned in the ranking of the most viewed series in the world.

The series focuses on the cult Addams Family character: Wednesday. This role played by the young actress Jenna Ortega, has strange powers. She has the ability to glimpse the past and the future. A major advantage to understand the phenomena and solve the mysteries that hide in his new establishment.

Indeed, Wednesday joins Nevermore Academy, an unusual school like that of Harry Potter (Hogwarts). The girl’s parents quickly found her a new place to study after being expelled from a public school. The sentence imposed on the stalkers of his brother Pugsley, made the parents of students jump. And we understand why !

An unusual school

His new school near the city of Jericho in Vermont welcomes special children. Wednesday will have to find his place and make new friends. Fans have even made the parallel with the harry potter character invented by JK Rowling.

The young wizard finds himself school of wizards called Hogwarts. It is in this place that he will learn the true story of his parents murdered after his birth. He will also discover the extent of his powers and learn to master them with the help of his teachers!

Wednesday is at a school with students with special powers. Some point out that the young woman is an outcast, but she can count on her friends like by Enid Sinclar. They are however different but that does not tarnish their friendship. Quite the contrary!

Harry meanwhile can count on the support by Ron Weasley of the beautiful Hermione Granger. They will help him a lot to face the one whose name we must not pronounce. But he is also advised by Professor Dumbledore, an emblematic character of the saga. Nevermore Academy is run by Ms Larissa Weems, an equally interesting character.

Harry Potter soon on our screens

Wednesday and Harry also share character traits such as loyalty, intelligence and courage. Jenna Ortega said during an interview about Wednesday: “Wednesday is such a cool character. She’s not trying to be relevant, she lives her own life.”

Fans are hoping for a series to see the light of day. The Fantastic Beasts series failed to appeal to Harry Potter fans. Despite major players, the third part remains a bitter failure.

Fans want the saga to return to the small screen after Wednesday’s success. Hogwarts still has many stories to tell behind its walls. Harry Potter is a character who crosses time by marking the spirits! For the moment JK Rowling has not spoken on this subject. You will have to be patient…

On the other hand, the series Wednesday is renewed for a second season. It was Netflix who announced the good news at the start of the year, without giving a precise date. Jenna Ortega thanked her fans following the enthusiasm for the series.

The Wednesday series on Netflix proves that a spin-off of Harry Potter could explode everything!