Toni Acosta and Omar Ayuso lead the cultural programming of Maracena

The Town Hall of maracena has presented the cultural program of the Scenic Space ‘City of Maracena’ for the next six months, among which are novel theater shows, concerts and musicals for the province of Granada and for all audiences, which will make Maracena a cultural benchmark.

To whet your appetite, IMPRöV #SoloValientes arrives on January 28 and is an improvisational theatrical show in which the public will participate with the actors and actresses who will interpret comic pieces, witnessing the entire process. Coinciding with the Annual Academy Awards, there will be a Goya Awards film cycle in February with the screening of ‘Las Niñas’, which won four Goyas in 2021; ‘Maixabel’, which won three Goya awards in 2022; and ‘El Buen Patrón’, which won six Goyas out of 20 nominations in 2022.

Alessia Desogus will review the unforgettable Italian and American song classics on February 18. Hits from the 50s and 60s of the last century such as ‘Parole, parole’, ‘Tintarella di luna’ coexist with Neapolitan songs like ‘O sole mio’ and ‘Torna a Surriento’ -which become ‘It’s now or never’ and ‘Surrender’-. Calling America openly opens the door to other genres such as jazz, pop, and classic rock and roll. And it does so in an inclusive way, with the same naturalness with which North American artists and audiences allowed themselves to be seduced by the airs of Italian music and language, and vice versa.

On February 25, Juan Rana’s Andanzas y hors d’oeuvres arrives at the Espacio Scenic, finalist for the MAX 2021 awards for best adaptation or version of a play, best costume design and candidate for best theater show. The Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico and Ron Lalá join forces once again in this new proposal that explores the immense comedy of the short genres of the golden theater and recovers one of the most singular stage figures of the stage scene of the Golden Age and of all time. The comedy ‘Lope que te parió’ by the company Malaje Sólo is also presented in Maracena on March 3rd. The Sevillian company is recreating some of the most powerful moments in theater history with a documentary comedy about Golden Age theater and the new art of comedy.

The town hall of Maracena also wanted to have the second edition of the Andalusian Festival of Tetro on February 11, 17 and 24, and on March 4 and 11 with titles such as ‘La Faraona’, since this year marks the centenary of his birth, ‘Something about me, something about you’, ‘Lilith’, ‘Since I met you’ and ‘La Corrala’.

The actress Toni Acosta and the actor Omar Ayuso -actor who plays Omar in the Netflix series Elite- arrive in Maracena on March 10 to present ‘The Hidden Sound’, a disturbing psychological thriller that has fascinated Broadway that tells the story of a professor at the University of Salamanca and a student who visits her looking for inspiration to write a novel. Paradoxically, it will be Hugo who inspires Julia to ask him for an almost inconceivable favor.

On March 17 ‘La Petite Cabaret Bande’ arrives, a variety show where different artistic numbers are presented every night, whether they are magicians, acrobats, jugglers, teleists, musicians or clowns, but all with a transgressive aesthetic full of sensuality, humor and glamour. The Municipal Music Band will also perform with a concert of processional marches on March 18.

There will also be a space for musicals with ‘Los 80’s’. A musical move that more than a tribute to the 80s, is “a hymn to life,” says the Councilor for Culture, Fran Yeste. This “musical fun journey” arrives on April 15, which takes a tour of the historical and social moments and musical themes that marked an entire generation. It is a tribute to a whole generation of brave men who fought for a future with more colour, diversity and, above all, more freedom.

The comedy ‘Vive Molière’ will also be in Maracena on April 22. The play has received very good reviews from the public, saying that it “turns what could be a theater history class into a party”, as well as being an “infallible mix of verse, music and humor”. ‘Vive Molière’ is a journey in verse into the enigmas, contradictions and discoveries of an immense comedian. A delirious, carefree and iconoclastic vision of the great playwright, of the theater world and of his century. A young cast with live music at the service of the incomparable genius of Molière, in the year that marks the 350th anniversary of his death, while commemorating World Book Day.

On April 29, ‘El Inconveniente’ by Juan Carlos Rubio is presented at the Espacio Escénico. It is a play starring Kiti Mánver, Cristóbal Suárez and Marta Velilla and tells the story of a young man who decides to buy a flat with the inconvenience of living with the 74-year-old owner until she dies. Two people so different and similar at the same time that they will end up sharing laughter, tenderness, emotion, complicity and maybe even a friendship. The text on which this play is based was premiered for the first time in 2009 at Theater 8 in Miami. Since then, it has been taken to stages around the world, obtaining numerous awards, including three Goya Award nominations, three Biznagas at the Malaga Festival -including Best Actress for Kiti Mánver- and two nominations for the Forqué and Feroz Awards.

‘Dumbo. El Musical’ will arrive in Maracena on May 5 with a fun show for the whole family with a great staging and live voices that not only talks about inclusion, but also touches on issues such as bullying suffered by those who are different. A soulful musical that shows that everyone has something to say, regardless of the size of their ears. The presentation coincides with the week against bullying. “We want to make society aware of this problem that exists in schools, and what better than using theater and music as a means of education”, said the councilor. The musical is a colorful show that has actors with and without disability and that is full of fun songs that serve as a context for children and adults to enjoy together while learning the importance of respecting those who are different.It has been chosen as the best children’s show in the 30th edition of the Teatros de Rojas Awards, best musical child at the 2020 Broadway World Awards and the Best Costume Award at the 2020 Musical Theater Awards.

On June 4th the grand regional final of the ‘Al Compás de Andalucía’ Contest will be held, which will bring together the winners of all the Andalusian provinces with the aim of creating spaces for coexistence between dancers of all ages united by the same passion, the flamenco; promoting the importance of academic education in this art, and at the same time visualizing the youth pool of Andalusian dancers.

“We wanted to present a broad cultural program of interest to all citizens, and it is that we understand that culture is also a way of life” and, for this reason, the Maracena City Council has made a strong commitment to “involve the entire society from Maracena but also from Granada with a plurality of cultural projects”, the mayor of culture pointed out.

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Toni Acosta and Omar Ayuso lead the cultural programming of Maracena