Tuttofood returns in May under the banner of sustainability

Tuttofood will start again from 8 to 11 May at Fieramilano under the banner of sustainability. A topic that was explored at the Mudec – Museum of Cultures from Fiera Milano with the participation of Banco Alimentare, the Municipality and Fao-Food and agriculture organization. Present Maurice Martinadeputy director FAO, online Maximo Torerochief economist FAO, Anna Scavuzzodeputy mayor of Milan, the chef entrepreneur Enrico Bartolinimember of Euro-Toques, Marco Lucchinigeneral secretary of the Food Bank, Luke Palermo, managing director of Fiera Milano. He led the conference Joseph De Bellisdirector of Sky Tg24.

Giuseppe De Bellis, Enrico Bartolini, Anna Scavuzzo, Luca Palermo, Maurizio Martina, Marco Lucchini Tuttofood returns in May under the banner of sustainability

Giuseppe De Bellis, Enrico Bartolini, Anna Scavuzzo, Luca Palermo, Maurizio Martina, Marco Lucchini

Goals for zero hunger and zero waste

The underlying theme is to adopt good supply chain practices to make the fight against food waste more effective. Agri-food production accounts for almost 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore food waste contributes to climate change. Today 14% of production is already lost in the collection and distribution phase and 17% in consumption, while food waste generates 49 million tons of methane. It is on these numbers that FAO asks all the players in the supply chain to have an impact in order to achieve the goals of zero hunger and zero waste. «It is a wonderful opportunity for FAO to collaborate with Tuttofood and Milan – he declared Maurice Martina – a better balance of agricultural and food systems it is a strategic node in the field of climate change. We are looking around the world for good practices and the fact that Tuttofood makes this issue its own is of fundamental importance in spreading virtuous behaviour».

Also act on the climate

He echoed Martina’s words Maximo Torero: «Food waste represents one of the most important challenges. In 2050 we will be 10 billion and 70% of the population will live in cities: it is need to rework the food system. Reducing waste will produce more food. But we must also act in parallel on the climate. Environmental disturbances have a devastating impact on food production. The role of Milan and Tuttofood will be crucial in guiding a change in consumer habits». Along the same lines Enrico Bartolini: «We have to work harder. We are the ones who consume. Yes you can start by educating the palate to the seasonality of the products. This in the small. At the macro-system level, it is necessary to find a balance between limiting waste and social, economic and supply chain sustainability. The world today costs too much».

Food Week in Milan

Anna Scavuzzo underlined the guidelines of the Milan Food Policy 2015-2020. «There are five priorities in the programme: guaranteeing access to healthy food and water, promoting sustainable production, food education and scientific research and fighting against food waste. We gave birth to five Neighborhood anti-waste hub which in the first six months of 2022 have recovered 130 tons of food equivalent to over 260,000 meals for 3,000 families. In terms of school meals – 17 million meals a year – absolute priority to healthy and sustainable diets. Correct habits also in terms of respect for the environment, with a reduction of 720 tons of plastic per year. Our Food Policy topics will be in the spotlight during the Food Week scheduled in Milan from 8 to 14 May, coinciding with Tuttofood».

It is necessary to promote the sustainability of production and Tuttofood food education returns in May under the banner of sustainability

It is necessary to promote the sustainability of production and food education

Banco Alimentare and Tuttogood

In operation for decades, Food Bank in 2021 it collected over 126,000 tons of food and helped around 1,700,000 people. «With Banco Alimentare – he recalled Marco Lucchini – today 1,000 companies in the food industry collaborate». The result was in 2021 854,754 portions of ready-to-eat food recovered, food surpluses from multiple donors in the supply chain with the result of reducing waste and giving new value to food that is still good. «Good practices – Lucchini pointed out – are a stimulus and are replicated. We will be present at Tuttofood for the fifth time. At the end of the event, the surpluses are recovered and donated to those who need it most». «Fieramilano – he reiterated Luke Palermo – wants to be a company that focuses on sustainability. With all the events we organize, we can be an authoritative source in promoting behavior change». Also for the 2023 edition Tuttofood will propose the initiative All good in collaboration with Banco Alimentare and other Third Sector realities, including Pane Quotidiano, which over the years has made it possible torecover, at the end of the days of the event, tons of usable food.

To date, over 1,000 brands have joined Tuttofood: the aim is to double it Tuttofood returns in May under the banner of sustainability

To date, over 1,000 brands have joined Tuttofood: the aim is to double this

All food in pills

To date, over 1,000 brands have confirmed their participation in Tuttofood, representing 35 countries. Among the events, the return of Retail Plaza by Tuttofooda format in which the big brands of Italian and world distribution interact with companies and other operators in a close dialogue that is difficult to obtain in other contexts.

Made in collaboration with Italian Association of Ambassadors of Tastethe Taste Arena it will be a place to meet the protagonists of our cuisine, but also the beginning of an international journey that mixes the flavors of the world with Italian authenticity, in search of a more aware, responsible and sustainable food style. Also present is the Enoteca organized by the Italian Wine Unionan event area where it will be possible to participate in tastings, conferences and seminars.

In turn, Evolution Plaza it will be the stage to share the most recent innovations of digital technologies regarding e-commerce, food delivery, apps, support technologies and blockchain. Technological experts, new applications, latest generation solutions in the agri-food field will discuss these topics. There Start Up Area it will instead be a showcase in which the youngest and most dynamic realities will present innovative products, creating and narrating the developments of their ever-evolving range.

Four months after the ribbon cutting, the sectors are already on a waiting list Tuttogrocery, All seafood And Allfrozen with the participation of all the big names in the sector. Top player and strong foreign presence also in the sectors Tuttomeat And Alldairy.

The presence of is also important Italian PDO and PGI consortia. Among others, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Finocchiona, Gorgonzola Cheese, Montasio Cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Gragnano Pasta, Tuscan Pecorino, Tuscan Ham.

Again in the exhibition layout, this year’s novelty will be the Green Trail: a transversal path identified by a specific visual identity and dedicated signage, which will help to discover green, plant based, zero km products, but also healthy, rich-in and free-from products through all areas of the event and in the stands of all exhibitors, with a view to promoting the fight against waste by facilitating healthier, more sustainable and responsible food choices.


Tuttofood returns in May under the banner of sustainability