UdeC Engineering will bring intelligent robotics closer to the entire local society

Talks by national and international experts, training workshops and live demonstrations with robots; All these types of activities will be part of the days of the Biobío AI_Robotics Summit, to be carried out by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Concepción (FI UdeC) the next January 9 and 10 in their dependencies.

It’s about a robotics and artificial intelligence congress open to the public and that it is configured as the first of its kind that is carried out at a local and national level. Because SPreviously, events focused on academic, school or industrial fields have been held, but not events open to the entire community”, maintains the doctor Julio Godoy, academic from the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science of the FI UdeC and one of the organizers of the Biobío AI_Robotics Summit, thought from a perspective of dissemination and socialization of knowledge.

A need

And, precisely, the idea of ​​holding this congress arose from a need that together with other academics detected: “a low transfer of knowledge from academia to society on the subject of intelligent roboticsGodoy warns. Worrying, because the gaps in knowledge are created in understanding, generating false beliefs, fears and barriers between society and the area.

The knowledge of development in this area by most people is through social networks, Youtube videos or Tik Tok, for example, which often give the wrong impression of what robots can do today. This contributes to ill-informed opinions about what this technology can and cannot do, which can slow mass adoption of these technologies.”, assures the academic about reality.

Indeed, it stands out that the objectives with which this event has been raised are to promote the transfer of knowledge and, from there, also the development of robotics, both in the local and regional environment, through the interaction of the actors of the academy , industry and the general public in the same space.

All of this is for the purpose ofcontribute to the technological literacy of society in robotics, increase society’s interest in robotics and, in the long term, facilitate the adoption of these technologies in the local environment”, highlights Julio Godoy.

Hence, the activities are designed for a diverse public in terms of ages, occupations and understanding of the area. In fact, the researcher assures that it is not required to have some kind of basic knowledge in robotics to participate and learn; what is needed is that there is interest in it and its development.

And due to the origin of the event, Julio Godoy recognizes that the motivation that the organizing group has is that “recurs every year or, in the worst case, every other year”. In this sense, projecting the success of its first version and in order to continue advancing with the initiative, they hope to form alliances with different educational institutions and industries to make Biobío AI_Robotics Summit grow and last over time.

The event

The first version of the Biobío AI_Robotics Summit It is completely free for the public and its materialization is possible with contributions from the FI UdeC and also with funds awarded with an extension project through a contest of the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Links with the Environment (Vrim) of the Casa de studies.

The event will take place at the Faculty that is located on the Penquista campus of the house of studies, at Edmundo Larenas #219 (Concepción).

Those interested in attending should access the link to complete a registration form.

More information is available on the website robotics.inf.udec.cl and also in the profile https://www.instagram.com/biobio_robotics_summit/.

UdeC Engineering will bring intelligent robotics closer to the entire local society