Union: the meetings of the “I listen to you” project, dedicated to adolescence issues

The «I listen to you» project is starting again, a cycle of online meetings to explore adolescence issues dedicated to families, teachers and operators who work with children.

The project is promoted by the Center for families in collaboration with the social services of the Union of Municipalities of Bassa Romagna and the health services of the area, and is part of the support actions aimed at supporting and caring for family relationships within the within the community, to counter juvenile, educational, relational poverty and the phenomenon of social withdrawal of pre-adolescents and adolescents.

The proposed objectives are aimed at making the community and families aware of the difficulties and problems typical of the adolescent growth period, through a more in-depth knowledge of the problem and the early interception of signs of discomfort, involving and working with the various actors who operate on the territory with the boys. The planned interventions are carried out with the involvement of educational, school, health services, the minors social service, families and the children themselves.

Four scheduled appointments (one per month starting in January), all at 8.30pm.

The first appointment is scheduled for Tuesday 24 January, entitled “Changing the world is hard work!: being teenagers today”; talk about it Fabio Vanni, psychologist and psychotherapist, professor of clinical psychology of adolescence at the University of Parma and responsible for the “Adolescents and young people” program of the Parma Local Health Authority.

On Thursday 23 February we will talk about transgressive behaviors and the developmental needs of adolescents, with Alfio Maggiolini, psychotherapist, former professor of life cycle psychology at the Bicocca University of Milan, director of the school of specialization in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of adolescence and young people adult “Minotaur” of Milan.

Monday 13 March «From suffering to educational and social imagination», how to walk alongside new adolescents: with Davide Fant, pedagogical trainer, head of the Single Year, training service for the fight against early school leaving, professor at the Bicocca University of Milan.

Finally, on Wednesday 19 April, the theme of the health and well-being of adolescents through sport will be addressed, with Samantha Vitali, psychotherapist and sports psychologist.

The thematic appointments join the “I’m listening” desk, which has already been active for two years at the Center for families of the Union of Municipalities of Lower Romagna. It is a listening space that provides free psychoeducational counseling courses aimed at families, pre-adolescents and adolescents, teachers, educators and operators who work with children.

The desk can be accessed by appointment, by contacting the Center for Families on 0545 38397 or 366 6156306, or by sending an email to tiascolto@unione.labassaromagna.it.

For information and registration for online meetings, write to centroperlefamiglie@unione.labassaromagna.it. During registration, the access keys and the link to the online platform will be communicated.

Union: the meetings of the “I listen to you” project, dedicated to adolescence issues – Ravenna Web Tv