Vermelles: the mayor announces the continuation of the metamorphosis of the town

On Sunday, face-to-face vows return to the large sports hall with the municipal band, the choir and even Scottish bagpipe players. Also present, the Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

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Mayor Alain De Carrion highlighted the newly installed economic actors of Vermelles, both independents such as a lawyer, a notary and a physiotherapist. Among the shops, a chip shop, a tattoo artist, a photographer and a building and works company have set up. There is also a costume clothing and jewelry boutique as well as an animal groomer.

The mayor and his elected officials are talking about transformation for the city, which will also see the arrival in the coming months of a restaurant, a new artisan bakery and a garage-showrunner by an enthusiast of private and American vehicles. The desire of the mayor and his team is to support the activity and economic attraction of Vermelles as best as possible.

Limit energy expenditure

Citizen participation will continue through the citizen ideas laboratory which is a force for proposals on the themes of security, youth and sport and on the development of schools. Vermellois will soon be invited to express themselves on the theme of limiting energy expenditure. Alain de Carrion is well aware of the impact of rising costs in this area for citizens, SMEs and VSEs. Vermelles is also part of a purchasing group to limit the rise in energy costs. Public lighting has begun its transformation with the installation of LED bulbs, the extension of which will continue. Also on the program: the modernization of sports equipment with the installation of a skate park.

Extended remote monitoring

In terms of security, the park of remote surveillance will expand to other municipal buildings.

The population of Vermelles is growing. It is therefore necessary to initiate the construction of new dwellings such as those of beguinages and to study the extension of the municipal school. The CCAS also deploys its actions to support families in difficulty and support in an integration process for people who are far from employment.

Despite the increase in activities and projects, Alain de Carrion intends to be vigilant about finances.

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Vermelles: the mayor announces the continuation of the metamorphosis of the town