Deprived of a vows ceremony for two years due to the health crisis, Arcisses returned to this republican tradition on Monday evening. For Stéphane Courpotin, mayor of Arcisses since March 2020, “this is an opportunity to take stock of the progress and to thank all those around me”.

For his very first wishes, the chosen one perfectly mastered his speech in front of an attentive audience. An audience of local actors made up of “those who work daily in the service of the municipality, the elected members of the municipal council, the deputy mayors Francis de Koninck and Francis Vaudron, the personnel of the administrative and technical services, and those attached to schools and catering which have been very much in demand since the merger of the municipalities, 4 years ago already”. But also representatives of the gendarmerie, civil security and firefighters.

After a general remark on the successive crises that have a strong impact on the daily lives and the morale of the French people (Covid, soaring energy and raw material costs against a backdrop of war in Ukraine and inflation), the mayor invited elected officials “not to let go of the ambient gloom”. “We have to stay the course. We even have the duty to look far ahead of us, to continue to fight for our projects”. Stéphane Courpotin then relied on a slide show to develop a certain number of strong actions in progress or to come.

A nurse’s office under construction

Health. Arcis elected officials voted for the construction of a nurse’s office on rue de l’Arcisse. “The works are progressing at a good pace and we hope to open before the start of the summer”. Two young physiotherapists will soon practice rue de la Maçonnerie, “in the new housing estate”. Médica’Perche, a company specializing in the sale, rental and repair of medical and surgical equipment, launched its activities in the building constructed on avenue des Près.
“If health is dear to us, treatment can also be expensive! We are going to offer our fellow citizens a municipal mutual fund in conjunction with the AXA insurance company,” announced Stéphane Courpotin. “The objective is to make Arcissois who wish to save money on their mutual insurance by preserving good guarantees”. A public meeting is scheduled in the coming weeks “to present this new offer”.

Trade. New traders have chosen to settle in the town: Julie and Nicolas, the Auberdière market gardeners, the Fit live Team club, the chartered accountant firm In extenso, the Aixam company, the Arts et Logis company du Perche (general masonry and structural work), the LC Style institute beauty and nail salon. A funeral home is under construction. And the La Baz brewery “continues its development and now rents the entire municipal premises in Coudreceau”.

28 very active associations

Ecological transition. “This subject occupies an important place in our municipal decisions”, specified the mayor of the Percheron municipality. One of the actions concerns public lighting which will not work from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays. The lighting inside public buildings will be renewed with LED lamps.

In Coudreceau, the insulation of the school and the creation of a biomass boiler room (with shredded wood) intended for the municipal buildings are among the priorities.

Associations. Arcisses has 28 associations (sport, hiking, culture, entertainment, solidarity, youth, senior citizens, veterans). Many events will punctuate this year 2023. Among the novelties: The town will host the first edition of the Déferlante Percheronne, on April 2nd. A running race punctuated by 35 natural and artificial obstacles. The organizers promise “fun, laughter, sport and obstacles in the heart of the Perche Regional Natural Park”

School canteen: “A project consistent with our food objectives”

The municipality of Arcisses launched work to extend its school canteen and its kitchens last June. The work is expected to last until spring 2023.

“This ecological building has its roof covered with chestnut wood tiles, but also has wooden shingles on the facades. Wood is a natural, sustainable and renewable material, which requires little energy for its transformation”, detailed the mayor Stéphane Courpotin during the ceremony of vows, Monday evening.

This site is the result of a more global reflection: “This building is a message for children, by showing us concern for sustainable development, we are showing ourselves attentive to the quality of the environment”, explains the elected official.

Stéphane Courpotin specifies that this ecological project “is consistent with our food objectives which consist in improving the quality of the meals in our canteens. Our staff are engaged in training actions to feed our children differently and better. As such, we support the Perche Regional Food Project (PAT) and its action for the development of legumes and their consumption”.

Wishes – Stéphane Courpotin, mayor of Arcisses: “Do not give in to gloom”