You will not believe; This is how the protagonists of ‘Ned’s School Survival Manual’ look

The childhood and adolescence of the millennial generation It was full of TV shows and series that over time became iconic due to their hilarious plots and unforgettable characters.

do you remember? coconut head or of cookies? One of those series was Ned’s School Survival Manuala landmark from the early 2000s, produced by Nickelodeon.

The television series lasted three seasons, from 2004 to 2007 as one of the most viewed and acclaimed by children and adolescents of that time, who identified with the characters and school situations that put them in conflict.

It was carried out by Devon Werkheiser What Ned Bigby; Lindsey Shaw What Jennifer ‘Moze’ Mosley Y Daniel Curtis-Lee What Simon ‘Cookie’ Nelson-Cookin addition to the regular appearance of Rob Pinkston What Coconut head.

Each character dealt with high school and their personal lives as Ned broke the fourth wall and addressed viewers with classroom survival tips.

What happened to the actors in ‘Ned’s School Survival Manual’?

After the end of the series, most of the contestants took their own professional paths within the performancewhile others focused on quieter lives out of the spotlight.

Devon Werkheiser (Ned Bigby)

After wrapping up his starring role, the actor appeared in Greek, Criminal Minds, Major Crimes, Franklin & Bash Y 2 Broke Girls.

She is currently 31 years old and spends much of her time creating her own music, making content for social media, and working closely with various charities for the care and health of children.

Daniel Curtis LeeCookie

Ned’s best friend changed companies after the end of the series, he went to Disney with series Zeke and Luther, which lasted three seasons. He also came out Good luck Charlie!, glee, 911 Y Navy: Criminal Investigation.

He focuses his time on recording sets, but also as a basketball player, as a musician and singer, mainly in the rap genre.

Lindsey Shaw (Jennifer ‘Moze’ Mosley)

Her acting career began with her leading role in Ned, then she participated in the films return, Teen Spirit, love me Y No One Live.

As for the series, Jenn came out in Aliens in America, 10 things I Hate About You, faking it, Pretty Little Liars, suburgatory and recently in Lucifer.

Rob Pinkston (Coconut Head)

How can we forget this iconic character who left the series and has been immortalized in modern memes.

He gained popularity in Ned for his awful haircut and cheerful and sensitive personality.

Her career within the industry was kept on the down-low after breaking up with Ned. She appeared in the movies Extreme Movie Y Suggested Parental Addressas well as in the programs Punk’d from MTV, The Derby Stallion and Bones. One of his last jobs was This Just In in 2016.

Christian Serratos (Suzie Crabgrass)

His participation in the series was his debut. The character she played was antagonistic during the first season and in the second she became close friends with Moze and Ned’s girlfriend.

So far, the actress is one of the cast members with the most work in hollywood.

He worked on the saga of Twilight as Angela Weber, acted in the walking dead, Secret life of a teenager and was summoned to incarnate selena quintanilla in the bioseries produced by Netflix, Selena: the series.

Kyle Swann (Billy Loomer)

He was the bully of the series who annoyed the protagonists whenever he felt like it.

He retired from acting in 2009 to pursue school and his future. She studied for a degree in Marine biology and is currently dedicated to photography, conservation and education of coral reefs and is an expert diver.

You will not believe; This is how the protagonists of ‘Ned’s School Survival Manual’ look