Topics of the day of EFE News Latino of January 24, 2023

USA CLIMATE Los Angeles – First a severe drought and then intense storms have hit California in the last six months, a state accustomed to extreme weather events but which is witnessing how the climate crisis makes its own weather increasingly unpredictable. By Guillermo Azabal. (SENT) (photo) (video) OSCAR Washington – The Hollywood Academy announces … Read more

Stationery stores in Manizales face increases between 40% and 60% in school supplies

THE COUNTRY | MANIZALES The season has begun in which the country’s stationery stores are filled with parents and children looking for notebooks, pencils, colors, pencil cases, erasers and other school supplies to face the school year. This year, like the previous one, the shortage of paper persists, production is affected and the increase in … Read more

The Fantastic is available outside of cinemas

Listen to this article As Anthony Humberclaude reminded us this Thursday morning, the International Fantastic Film Festival is always committed to involving young people and bringing the fantastic out of cinemas. Thus, the Region is once again sponsoring the young jury of the Gérardmer Festival by allowing ten young people from the Grand Est to … Read more

Increase in class hours in schools will be to teach English

The measure of the schools is to solve competition debts in students that were caused by the pandemic The increase in class hours in the private schoolswhich will go from 25 to 30 each week, will help students, mainly in kindergarten and basic education, receive English classes, which will allow them to reach high school … Read more

Capurso: il Comune promuove attività scolastiche extracurriculari ludiche per formare i suoi cittadini più piccoli

 “Cresciamo con…” è il Piano dell’offerta formativa territoriale (Poft) 2022/2023 frutto della sinergia tra il Comune di Capurso e gli istituti scolastici comprensivi cittadini “Bosco-Venisti” e “Savio Montalcini”. Un’alleanza educativa, finanziata con 24mila euro, che permetterà di dare vita ad attività formative divise in 5 aree tematiche: lettura, cittadinanza attiva, arte, sport, memoria. Non solo, … Read more

Shot in Toulouse, the cult show “La Cuisine des mousquetaires” is back (but without Maïté)

Through Lucie Fraisse Published on 8 Nov 22 at 12:07 Toulouse news See my news Follow this media Chef Fabrice Mignot and actress Caroline Estremo present this new version of the cuisine of the musketeers. (©France3) It was one of the emblematic programs of the French audiovisual landscape, carried by the earthy Maïté and her … Read more

Digital education: living in a world that cannot be touched

The highest activity that a human being can achieve is learning to understand, because understanding is being free. Baruch Spinoza Surely most of us who were young in the 1980s would agree that the digital social space as we know it today was far beyond our imagination. Beyond science fiction books and movies, the use … Read more

Federico Fellini, the film director who won 4 Oscars

Subscribe to National Geographic History at -33% and receive the National Episodes book pack as a GIFT. Cancel whenever you want. KNOW MORE Enjoy our special editions at a single price for being a subscriber. MORE INFO The vision that acclaimed film director Federico Fellini It had what should be the cinematographic spectacle was very … Read more